ARPrv Control Kit

ARPrv keeps RV refrigerator safe while maintaining the original warranty. We will explain how our RV fridge control solves off level issues that can lead to RV fires, see install by cooling unit pages.

Please read on about the Absorption Refrigeration Protective RV Control

(ARPrv = ARP Control)

RV Fires

Over the years we've all heard, read or actually seen an RV fire. Unfortunately, many of them are really scary and can cause total destruction to your RV. Fires usually start in RV's for several different reasons - uncontrolled gasoline, damaged/loose electrical wiring or a propane situation.

Many RV fires are started when an RV refrigerator bursts a plumbing pipe, when extremely hot, with flammable liquids rushing out. Sadly, that type of fire could have been prevented and the owner enjoying a great day at a campground!

RV Refrigerator

We will explain how these incredible refrigerators work and how to keep them safe. More importantly, we will provide a solution to you - the end user, so you may enjoy traveling and using your RV - worry-free!

The basic operation of the RV refrigerator is to provide continuous, uninterrupted circulation of its chemicals in either a liquid or gaseous state. When one of these refrigerators is tilted or off level, the plumbing design simply won't let the liquid or gases circulate properly.

It would be the same as pinching an artery or a vein in the human body. It must circulate freely to keep you alive. The actual plumbing design is very efficient and works wonderfully. The problem arises when it is tilted too much or the cooling air is restricted. There are no pumps or moving parts to assist the moving of these chemicals or gases.

The typical control module within your factory installed RV refrigerator doesn't monitor the flow of these liquids or gases - or the possibility that it is not all flowing or returning to the heating area. The heating element tries to keep the continuous cycle going - but has insufficient liquids to heat. This just creates higher heat within the system. 

Worse, the factory control unit isn't designed to monitor the actual boiler temperature either. As a result,  it just keeps trying to keep the cycle going - even without enough liquids in the heating area. This excessive heat damages the plumbing piping and eventually causes a burst of these chemicals to the outside air - an immediate and intense fire may result!

Our ARP RV Fridge Controller is the final solution for the RV Refrigerator

Keep your refrigerator running

Our Patented ARPrv Controller monitors the temperatures right at the source of the problem - the heating element area. We have years of research invested in knowing what acceptable levels of temperatures within the cooling unit are. Our temperature sensor/probe is installed directly on the boiler tube itself, so we get exact temperature data to our RV fridge control.

When the temperature starts to exceed predetermined safe levels, we simply turn off the refrigerator for a 10 minute time period. This allows the entire system to cool back down to a safe level. The refrigerator is then allowed to restart. We continue to monitor the temperatures and cycle the system off again, if necessary to prevent failures.

ARPrv Installation by Cooling Unit

Please see our installation by cooling unit pages for examples of the ARP RV fridge control temperature sensor installations by make and model of refrigerator.  The ARPrv Control is universal, thus it can be used on almost all Norcold or Dometic fridges. If your fridge is not listed in these pages, please use the Contact Us below if you have any questions.  

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