Amish Cooling Unit | Norcold Cooling Unit | Setup PID

Amish (Dutch Aire) and Norcold 1210 and 2118 cooling units require the Fridge Defend PID mode for proper control. This page shows how to identify and setup the Fridge Defend to work properly with these cooling units.

Old Style Norcold 1200 Boiler Housing

Norcold Cooling Unit Identification

Norcold did a strange thing when it comes to parts identification and numbering. Norcold started building a model 1210 around the year 2006, this early cooling unit has what we call the aluminum-foil boiler housing shown in this first photo. All of the ARP Controls & Fridge Defend work with the pre 2013 cooling units in the default setting of C-H:

1200, 1201, 1210, and 1211 ID:

Aluminum-foil boiler housing as seen in this photo.

Norcold 1210 Style Boiler Housing

Year 2013 on 1210 and 2118 Norcold & Amish Cooling Unit

After the year 2013 Norcold introduced a new type of cooling unit which is seen in this photo. The 2013 on cooling unit requires the PID mode for accurate control, thus we do not recommend the v2.0 control on these newer cooling units, nor any of the Amish cooling units. These cooling unis require the Fridge Defend to be put into the PID control function.

Identification of Newer Norcold 1210 Cooling Unit

By observing the second photo on this page, the sheet metal boiler housing has been opened to install the ARP Control boiler sensor. Note that there is a sheet metal door that opens to access the boiler assemble on all the 2013 on cooling units. As opposed to the aluminum-foil boiler housing shown in the first photo.

Procedure to Change Fridge Defend into PID Control Function

Downnload all of the user manuals for your version of control, the instructions for changing into the PID control function are documented here. Or, the following will help:
Video Change Set-Point Function.

Written Instructions for PID Function.