Fridge Defender by ARP - Snow Leopard Safe

Why Snow Leopard Safe? The Snow Leopard is sleek and agile, she will protect her cubs with ferocity. The Fridge Defend by ARP is no different, if you want a silent protector of your RV fridge you want to be Snow Leopard safe.

Fridge Defend Takes Care of Little Ones

The Snow Leopard Fearlessly Protects Her Cubs

Most folks think that they can get out of a motor home if it catches fire. This is possible, but what about children, elderly, and pets that are left in the RV with the door shut or just locked? They could be in an inferno! With approximately 4000 RV fires per year, and knowing that it can take 10 minutes for the RV to burn to the ground, why chance not protect your fridge with the fearless Fridge Defend by ARR? Please click here for more on RV fire cause and prevention.

Fridge Defend & Snow Leopard Live in Mountains

Snow Leopard Lives in Mountains

Snow Leopards live at high altitudes in the mountains of Central Asia.
Just like the Snow Leopard, the Fridge Defend by ARP protects your RV fridge when driving in the mountains.

Please click here for more on RV fridge protection needed for mountain driving.

ARP is Snow Leopard Strong

Snow Leopard Strong

Living in the Himalayan mountain, Snow Leopards have to be tough for this extreme environment. The Fridge Defend by ARP has a proven field record for being designed to take the challenging RV environment.

If you want Snow Leopard
reliability, efficiency, and safety,
get the Fridge defend by ARP Control!

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