Forensic Science of RV Fridge Failure

This page dives into the forensic science of RV fridge failure. The ARP video examines cooling unit pressure and unsafe temperatures.

RV Fridge Boiler

View the video below to find out why the ARP will save you money, your camping trip, and make your life better!

This first photo is a failed RV fridge boiler. Please note that corrosion clearly is an issue for this fridge which failed. Please see following links to see how forensic engineers have confirmed that the ARP is the solution to RV fridge problems:

Forbes Article on RV Fridge

Please use this next link to see what Norcold has to say about the science of overheating damage:

Norcold Patent Application

After viewing the video below, please note that corrosion of the fridge is found to be a major problem. Please see following link and view what the "forensic engineer" stated reguarding corrosion.

Corrosion Results in Fridge Fires

How does ARP protect my Fridge Video?

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RV Cooling Unit Pressure

We produced the above video to teach how the ARP Control protects your fridge by limiting the boiler temperature of your cooling unit. In summary, the ARP will prevent the boiler temperature from reaching levels that damage the fridge when setup and maintained properly.

What is the Pressure Issue Anyway?

As is stated in the video above the pressure within the cooling unit controls the temperature at which the water will boil within the RV cooling unit. The water should never boil in your cooling unit! When the water boils in the RV cooling unit; damage occurs, this damage cannot be reversed once started. The above video shows how the ARP Control protects your cooling unit by keeping the temperatures in check.

RV Fridge Fire

I'd rather refrigerate on my feet than die on my knees!

What would you prefer? A fridge that is brought to it's knees and under pressure; or a happy camper fridge that keeps running because the ARP Control performs fridge intervention in order to keep your fridge alive!

Putting it all Together

Norcold 1200 Boiler Failure

This photo shows the damage from the fluids boiling in the cooling unit of your fridge. Boiling produces pitting in your cooling unit just as it does in your cooking pans, this damage is called cavitation pitting ( Click on this link for more on cavitation ) When the bubble develops next to the overheated heating element, the bubble bursts and this energy will remove metal from the cooling unit tubing wall.

Thus, it should be conclusive to the casual observer that the Forbes article states that the Norcold Engineer stated that there is a corrosion problem along the welded joints. Therefore, it is just a fact that the ARP Control is necessary for controlling the boiler temperature so that this form of failure does not occur.

The second form of failure is the direct result of the boiling of the water within the cooling unit. When the water is boiled the rust inhibitor is destroyed resulting in rust pitting along high stress areas such as the welded joints along the electric heater tubes seen in the photo to the left.