Fridge Defend Setup Mode Operation Video

This video teaches how to operate the Fridge Defend when it is in the Setup mode.

We will demonstrate the Fridge Defend functions using a v4.1 Fan Controller, your controller may differ.

The user shall download and consult the Installation, User, & Troubleshooting Guides for your version of Fridge Defend, this is an overview and is not intended to replace the written instruction which shall be downloaded by clicking this link .

How This Video Relates to Other Fridge Defend Controls?

EXAMPLE 1: Note that when the 'FAn' setting has been adjusted with the right button, to advance to a new variable, one just pushes the center button for the v4.x controller. For controls previous to the v4.x, one needs to hold the on/off button until 'O' appears on the display, then immediately release the on/off button (if one keeps holding the on/off button the control will turn off), this exits the adjustment mode and then the center button can be used to advance to the next variable. Click here for Fan Setting on v3.11 and older controls.

EXAMPLE 2: As a generality, the Fridge Defend control versions earlier than the v4.x operate in a similar manner with some small differences. The methods of operation for the SetUp mode remain the same for the most part. One starts the SetUp mode the same way, advances variables the same way, and the variables that have been stored are the same. The small difference is the method of exiting the adjustment mode as outlined in Example 1 above.
Click here for videos teaching SetUp for v3.11 and older controls.

We will not distinguish between different versions of control in this video, this is what the User Guide is for. All of our controls operate on the same principles, thus there will be variations from this video depending on which Fridge Defend you own, it is the end users responsibility to understand which control they are using and the intricacies of that particular version of control.

The user receives a digital receipt with the version of control ordered, see in addition a white paper with the version and serial number that is shipped with the Fridge Defend to the original owner of the control ( Click here for details ). The user can determine which control they have by using the SetUp mode and reading the version directly from the LED display, please also write down the control serial number at this time for any further needs, such as contacting us for help.