After pressing the  Add to Cart  button, next screen will be the payment site.

On the next page you will be given the ability to Enter the 'Price per item', put in the TOTAL pre-arranged price for ALL of the items. Leave the 'Quantity' set to the number 1, then press continue.

$15.00 shipping is automatically added for a single purchase.

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Short Instruction to Fridge Defend

Follow-up purchase with email regarding what the payment is for, or use the Contact Us form.

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1) After selecting  Add to Cart , fans, shipping insurance, and other items can be added to cart with ‘Continue shopping’ upper right of screen

2) Select  Check Out  to pay by credit card, security provided by PayPal.
See green arrow below (do not use  PayPal Check out  button):

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3) Uncheck to enter the correct SHIPPING address:

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