ARP Control RV Refrigerator Manuals

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Scroll down page to download either v4.x or v3.x manuals.
For earlier versions of control return to Manuals Page and use Method 1 to download the PDF documents from the Archive.

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Please register your ARP Control and then download the manuals here. We recommend viewing the Read Me file first for an an ARP wiring overview and necessary information. Proceed to the General Install Guide for information regarding the ARP install and your fridge. The ARP User Guide is the operator manual overview. The Troubleshooting Guide is filled with lots of details for the technically inclined and includes important operation information.

After downloading your manuals, one may come back to this page and use the Ancillary Installation & Setup search by clicking the link below.

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Version 4.1 Fan Control Manuals Download

Fridge Defend by ARP fan controllers purchased after August 15, 2018
If you have a non-fan control proceed to v3.01 download below.

General Install Guide v4.x

ARP User Guide v4.x

Troubleshooting Guide v4.x

Ancillary Graphical User Instructions v4.x

Version 3.01, 3.1, & 3.11 Manuals Download

v3.01 non-fan control purchased after March of 2018 to present.
v3.1 and v3.11 ARP Fan controls purchased after August 2016 & before August 15, 2018.

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General Install Guide v3.x

ARP User Guide v3.x

Troubleshooting Guide v3.x

Ancillary Graphical User Instructions v3.x

To help you keep your fridge running we have included this page of RV Refrigerator Manuals. When you are doing an install of the ARP Control, it may be necessary to reference these manuals to confirm your RV fridge wiring diagrams. Please print at least some of the pages of these manuals so that you have a reference while on the road. I have two fridges, and I need a cheat sheet at times to remember what button does what, or which wire goes where. Also, we recommend knowing where your fuses are. These manuals should show the locations of the fuses on the Norcold or Dometic control boards.

In addition to the factory manuals for your particular refrigerator, it is a good idea to have your RV wiring diagram. There should be a fuse and/or a circuit breaker on your RV. These safety devices can trip for no other reason than age. A simple reset or replacement of a fuse will get you up and running fast! Knowledge is not only power, it is the only way to solve problems on your own. We at ARPC Control want you to be empowered by knowledge. If you desire, we conduct specific seminars on RVing. Please use the contact forms below if you want us to conduct a seminar for your group.

Links to RV Refrigerator Manuals

The link below takes you to Bryant RV manuals page:

Bryant Service Manuals


Healthy RV Refrigerator

The following link will take you to the Dometic Manual search engine. We have found it easiest to find Dometic Manuals and product literature by searching for the specific model of your fridge. For example, most Dometic fridges have a tag in the door sill, open the refrigerator door and check the model of your fridge, such as RM3663.

Dometic Document Search Engine

This next link will take you to the Norcold Product Manuals. The wiring diagrams and other product specific information can be found here.

Norcold Product Manuals


Please use the Contact Us button below if we can assist you. The documents on this page require some skill in interpreting the diagrams. Please seek the help of a qualified and/or certified RV technician if you cannot understand these documents. We want to help as much as we can; sometimes RV technicians will have more specific information regarding your particular RV or Coach.