Norcold N305 & N306

A well built Norcold N305 or N306 will last the life of your RV when it is protected by the Fridge Defend, this pages shows how to install boiler overheat protection on your fridge.


Norcold N305 N306 Fridge

Norcold N305 & N306 Overview

The Norcold N305 & N306 series of fridge has a manual type control. This means that one has to hold the gas control valve button down and ignite the gas flame. The N30x series of fridge is a 2.7 cubic foot fridge that comes in both 2-Way and 3-Way versions, the dot 3 (.3) at the end of the model number designates the 3-Way version.

The controls on this fridge are on the top as seen in this first image. The fridge will need to be slid forward to install the Fridge Defend. Due to the manual controls, the fridge defend cannot restart the LP gas if there is an overheat situation, the good news is that the fridge is protected.

Norcold N305 N306 Mode Selecte Switch

Norcold N305 N306 Gas Control Valve

Part 294 is in yellow in this image is the gas control valve. One presses this to light the LP. It is on the back side of this switch/valve that the below thermocouple interrupt adaptor is installed.

Norcold N305 N306 Wiring

N305 & N306 Wiring

This image is the side view of the above gas control valve. This is the LP Gas safety valve that has the thermocouple attached to it. The red arrow points to the back of the valve where the thermocouple is screwed in. The Norcold thermocouple interrupt adaptor seen in the images below needs to be screwed into the back of the valve and the thermocouple is screwed into the thermocouple interrupt adaptor.

Norcold N305 & N306 Wiring

This drawing show how to wire the Fridge Defend to the Norcold Part Number 621737 Interrupt, The ARP relay just breaks the signal to the safety valve thereby turning off the LP gas if the boiler overheats.

Please click here for another view for wiring the interrupt adapter.

Please click here if you want to control the 12VDC heater.

Norcold N440 N500 Electric Heater Boiler Tube

ARP Temperature Sensor Install

This photo shows the temperature sensor installed on the boiler tube.

The Norcold N30x series of fridges are very dependable refrigerators as long as the boiler is not allowed to overheat.

The Fridge Defend by ARP could help your refrigerator last the lifetime of your RV!