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This page explains menu structure to better help you fulfill your Dometic and Norcold needs.

Welcome to the Fridge Defend by ARP website!

All of the menus are color coded for ease of use.

The font color for the menu type being discussed is the same color as the menu identifier.

Computer and Smart Phone

OVERVIEW: has 2 menus that are on every page: SITE - MENU (top), and INFO -MENU (bottom on computer).

COMPUTER: The top menu (SITE - MENU) is for navigation for refrigerator information, this menu is on every page.

On each page that is selected from the Home page top menu, a sub-menu pops in just below the SITE - MENU. The sub-menus have an orange background and these menus change between the respective SITE - MENU landing pages.

The bottom menu is for additional information about the Fridge Defend.

SMART PHONE: The only difference between a Smart Phone and a Computer is that the bottom menu is at the top for a Smart Phone. Tap the menu to open, then scroll through the menu items to find what you want.

Every page has a SITE - MENU as seen at the top of this and every page.

The SITE MENU takes you to any page on the Fridge Defend website.

Each of the SITE MENU items is a category on the ARPrv website.

Buy Fridge Defend MENU

This is our purchase page that helps the consumer select the appropriate product for their Dometic or Norcold RV fridge.

About Fridge Defend MENU

Each sub category of the main category is separated with the blue divider and shifted right on a computer screen, smartphone is inline for easier viewing.

Install Dometic & Norcold MENU

3rd Level Pages

Some of the categories have a 3rd level of pages to better cover sub-categories within the main category groups.

Each of the 3rd level menus - the initial menu on the left takes you back to the main categories.

RV Fridge Troubleshooting MENU

RV Safety MENU

About Us MENU


The footer menu is an information menu.