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Save money and improve safety on Norcold N410, N411, and N412 by installing the ARP failure prevention device. This page is an installation overview and provides service manual information.

The Norcold fridges found on this page are very dependable. We have installed Fridge Defend Controls on many of these fridges. The installation is very similar to the N6xx refrigerators because the cooling units are just about the same configuration. Thus, we recommend using this page in conjunction with the Norcold N6xx page.

N410 Cooling Unit

Norcold N410 - N411 - N412 Series

This photo is a Norcold 410 cooling unit with the an early ARP Control mounted on the factory refrigeration controller cover. Please see next image for the newer style Fridge Defend type controller. The Norcold N410, N411, and N412 all have slightly different controller and cooling unit configurations, but the principles behind the operation and control of the different models is all similar. Please note that there is a black and yellow pair of wires going to the electric heating elements in the photo to the left. One wire pair is for 12VDC heat source and the other is for 120VAC heat source to drive the refrigeration process. Due to the high amperage draw for the 12VDC, most users only run the 12VDC when they are driving, we do not recommend using the 12VDC heaters as they can damage the fridge without the Fridge Defend protecting the cooling unit.


Norcold EZ Install

This figure shows the Fridge Defend wiring for a typical Norcold fridge installation. Please note that there is not a mechanical relay to wire on the newer versions of the ARP Control. Please make sure that the RV Power in has a fuse on the RV that limits the current to 5 amps.

N412 ARPRV Control

This next photo shows a close up of a control mounted on a Norcold N412.3. All of the parts of the v1.0 ARPrv kit are shown, with the exception of the temperature sensor which is shown in the next photo. Please note that this is a data collection control because there is a header on the right of the ARP Control housing. Piggyback wiring connectors (not included in kit at this time) are used to connect the ARPrv Control positive and negative leads to the Norcold controller power lines. The ARPrv Control relay can either interrupt the power to the Norcold control, or open one of the wires going to the boiler housing thermal switch.

n411 ARP Sensor

The final photo shows the boiler housing door open, and the Fridge Defend boiler sensor is clipped onto the boiler tube of an N411. All versions of the control use the same sensor installation. Please note that insulation is placed between the boiler temperature probe and the boiler tube. This installation is helpful because the temperature sensor cable is isolated from the boiler tube. Do your best to insulate the boiler housing so that heat loss does not affect the cooling efficiency of your fridge.

Norcold N400 & N410 Specification Table

Please note that all of the following specifications are believed to be accurate. If any errors are found, please bring them to our attention as soon as possible. For critical specification please contact Norcold as they make changes to their specifications without notice.

Item Value Units
ARP Control Boiler Temperature See Note 1 Below
N400 Volume 4.5 cu. ft
N410 Volume 4.5 cu. ft
Off-Level Operating Limit See Note 2 Below
N410 Temp Setting Range 1 - 5 5 = Coldest | See Note 3 Below


Item Value Units
Board 12V Fuse 3 Amp
120VAC See Note 4 Below Amp

DC Power

Item Value Units
Automatic Ignition 0.5 Amp
Flapper Heater N/A Amp
DC Heater N400 14.1 Amp
DC Heater N410 14.1 Amp
ARP Control Fan (25cfm blower type) 0.36 Amp
Total Amp Draw 14.96 Amp

AC Power

Item Value Units
Operating Range 108 - 132 VAC
AC Heater N400 2 Amps
AC Heater N410 2 Amps
Measurement Conditions 120 VAC

LP Gas

Item Value Units
Gas Pressure 10.5 - 11.5 inch w.c.
Heat Input N/A BTU/hour
Gas Jet N/A
Gas Jet (new style) N/A
Electrode to Burner Gap 1/8" to 3/16" inch


Note 1: 185-195°C - 365-383°F

Note 2: Dependent on ambient and ARP boiler temp.

Note 3: Thermistor Values

Note 4: 5 Amp type AGC fast acting.

Norcold Service Manual Downloads

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Service Manual Download: n410, 412 & n412

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