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Dometic RV fridge not cooling in hot weather? See the Fridge Defend precision adjustable fan switch and ventilator fan kit for efficient hot weather performance.

Benefits of Dometic Fan Installation

The Fridge Defend + Fan Control improves fridge efficiency in many ways. Using a precision fan sensor mounted where the fans will only run when needed is the key. Also, using low amperage and high volume blower fans moves more air through your RV fridge vent. The result, RV fridge hot weather performance is vastly improved, our kit is the only ventilator kit that truly improves the efficiency all around!

Dometic Fans Fans Improves Efficiency

Dometic Fan

Lower Dometic Fan -- Inside Door View

This image shows the lower outside cooling unit vent door. This drawing is looking straight on at the vent with the vent door removed. The right drawing is a side view to help understand the positioning of the fan with the flow shown with blue arrows.

It is easy to mount the fan, the fan can be attached to the door of your Dometic with nylon wire ties.

RV Fridge Fan

Lower Dometic Fan -- Side View

When mounting the fan on the vent door, use long power leads so that the door can be removed and set down on a table or the ground without removing the leads.

Dometic Upper Vent

Upper Side Vent -- Inside Door View

There are two methods for venting the top of the Dometic cooling unit compartment. One is a roof vent and the other is the side-vent shown above.

If you Dometic has an upper side-vent, we recommend a second blower fan mounted on the side-vent door. The fan is positioned so that the intake pulls the hot air from inside the cooling unit compartment and pushes it directly out the side-vent. This gets the hot air away for your rig and maintains happy camper status :)

Dometic Slide-Out Vent

Upper Dometic Fan -- Side View

As with the bottom vent door nylon wire ties can mount the Fridge Defend blower fan to the upper door also.

Dometic Fan Improvement

RV Fridge Vent Fan Sensor

The fan sensor can be attached to the absorber coil with HVAC tape. Typically the Fridge Defend fan sensor is attached to the bottom absorber coil as seen in this image. An alternant location is the second coil from the bottom. Also, if you have a Dometic side-by-side fridge, or an Amish cooling unit, there are two sets of absorber coils, if one set of coils feels hotter than the other, mount the sensor on this set of coils.

Use the HVAC tape to cover the sensor and hold the wire to the tube for better heat transfer. The advantage to using HVAC tape is that the absorber coil temperature is averaged at the sensor due to the tape being wrapped around the absorber coil and covering the sensor.

Click Here for Fan Sensor Install Video

RV Fridge Thermistor Table

Fan Setting Adjustment

The temperature at which the fan will turn on your Dometic fan is adjustable by using the ARP Setup mode. The table to the left shows the fan setting number within the setup mode and the corresponding temperatures at which the fans will kick on and off.

NOTE: Download the Troubleshooting Guide for your version of Fridge Defend for the fan on/off temperatures for your controller.

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