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If you want RV safety & reliability for Dometic and Norcold refrigerators purchase the Fridge Defend by ARP Control.

Are you protected with the ARP?

Thank you for choosing the ARP for keeping your fridge running safe and efficient. Each of the items we offer below has a reference number so it is easier to identify each product. Use the Product Details link to read the item overview and recommended applications for the particular ARP Control you may be interested in. For easy product selection, use the green Tab Menu  Product Selection  below.

#1 KIT

v5.0 Basic RV Fridge Protection Control $165.50

This kit works on all RV refrigerators and provides boiler protection without fan-controller.

v5.0 ARP RV Fridge Controller
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Please see notes 1, 2, 5 & 6 below:

#2 KIT

v5.11 RV Fridge Protection Control with Fan Controller $195.50

This kit comes without ventilator blowers, see kits 3 & 4 which include ventilator blowers.

v5.1 ARP RV Fridge Fan Controller
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Please see notes 2, 3, 5 & 6 below:

#3 KIT

RV Fridge Roof Ventilator


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v5.11 Fridge Protection Control with Fan Controller and 1 Fan $225.50

v5.1 ARP RV Fridge Controller with 1 Fans
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Please see notes 2, 4, 5 & 6 below:

#4 KIT

RV Fridge Side Ventilator


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v5.11 ARP Fridge Protection Control with Fan Controller and 2 Fans $255.50

v5.1 ARP RV Fridge Controller with 2 Fans
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Please see notes 2, 4, 5 & 6 below:

RV Refrigerator Ventilator, Defrost, Circulation, & Airator Fans


Additional External Blower Fan $38.00
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A blower is different from a fan because a blower has a "squirrel cage" rather than a fan-blade. The blower is quieter, uses less amperage, and produces more pressure than a fan. Thus, blowers are better suited for improving the efficiency of your cooling unit for RV refrigerator applications.

  • 0.2 Amp & 1800 RPM Very low amperage and low speed! When combined with our fan controller only runs when needed. Thus, saves your battery for your RV living needs. Also, makes almost no noise due to low speed.
  • 25 CFM (cubic feet per minute)
    Will refresh all air in cooling unit compartment every minute!
  • 0.4 IWC (Inch of Water Column) Static Pressure
    A typical computer fan is 0.01 IWC, thus computer or muffin fans are not good for this application because just a slight back pressure will cause the fan to stop moving air.
  • Ball Bearing & Brushless Long life and low noise.
  • Lock Rotor/Auto Restart Protection Will not burn up due to motor becoming stuck like other fans.
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Please see notes 2, 4, 5, & 6 below:


Additional Internal Blower Fan $19.00
RV Fridge Internal Fan
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Click Here for Internal Defrost/Circulation Blower Fan Details & Install

Why do I want these special blowers only available through ARP Control?

  • These fans help defrost the fridge and keep a uniform temperature within the fridge by circulation/airator effect. Helps prevent lettuce from freezing on the bottom while milk spoils at top of the fridge.
  • 0.04 Amp, 2 CFM, Ball bearing, Brushless, Lock Rotor & Auto Restart Function.
  • No Replacing Batteries! The defrost/circulation blower fans are small, they will not take up room in your fridge.
  • Our fix fridge defrost/circulation blower fans will blow just the right amount of air & only when the fridge is producing refrigerant when using Fridge Defend fan controller. These fans solve the problem large computer fans create, that is taking up too much room in the fridge, blowing more air than needed, and causing efficiency issues that lead to excessive ware-&-tare on the cooling unit by cycling the cooling unit too much when fans run full-time.

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Please see notes 2, 4, 5, & 6 below:

#6 KIT

ARP RV Fridge Diagnostics Tool
#6 Data Interface Controller $210.00

Want to fix your fridge or have the most powerful diagnostics tool available to troubleshoot your Dometic or Norcold?

Ordering of separate data collection cable required.

Click Here for Data Collection Control Details

Contact us before ordering this KIT. This KIT requires computer and diagnostic skills, also this KIT does not control the blowers. See all Notes below.

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Prearranged Pricing for Resellers; Volume Sales; & Special Situations*

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*Please see note 7 below:


Standard Service Charge $56.00

Due to the popularity of our control combined with our work load, we have introduced a standard service charge for product diagnostics. We build what we feel to be the highest quality RV type controller on the market, but not everything is perfect, thus we will take care of you. If a control is sent back to us, and no problems are found with the controller, clearly the issue is with other systems on your RV. Thus, we are providing value by charging for diagnostics checks of the Fridge Defend by ARP.


1) Ship your control to us only after using our Contact Us form to get shipping authorization and instructions.
Turn around time will be ASAP, but is dependent on our present work load.

2) Please include with your control the return shipping address and a note requesting service so our receiving department knows how to process your control.

3) Once we receive your controller and understand what your issues are, we will diagnose the controller and report back to the phone number provided. If your control is found to have defects in materials or workmanship there will be no charge. If no issues are found, or there is a non-warranty defect we will inform you of any charges before proceeding and/or returning the control to you.

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Shipping Insurance for Cost of Merchandise $6.00

Our standard shipping fee of $13.50 does not cover the cost of parts sold. We recommend that one purchases the added insurance at the time of purchase for $6.00 which covers up to $300.00 worth of loss. This helps guarantee that if a shipping incident occurs, such as loss of merchandise during shipping, the customer does not suffer financial loss.

We want our customers to know that we take great care to package our product. But, once we deliver the package to the USPS, we no longer are responsible for how the machines, employees, and contractors at USPS handle the package.

Yes, I Accept the Terms and Conditions:  


Signature Confirmation to Avoid Parcel Theft $4.00

We recommend purchasing USPS Signature Confirmation due to a recent trend in parcel theft. Bad people are taking packages once delivered. Neither ARPC LLC nor USPS will insure or refund your purchase price if the parcel is lost after delivery even if you purchased shipping insurance.

Click Here for detailed APP Shipping Insurance Claims Policies

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NOTE 1: This control does not control the internal defrost/circulation blower fans, the defrost blowers will run full-time with this control.

NOTE 2: We recommend 2 internal Defroster Blowers per fridge. If more than 2 internal defrost/circulation blower fans are desired, please use the 'Continue Shopping' link when checking out to return to this page and purchase additional options, KIT #5b

NOTE 3: This kit does not come with the external ventilator blowers, see KITs #3 or #4 for this option. This kit is designed for the user that wants to control just the internal defrost/circulation blower fans.

NOTE 4: It is reported that if the fridge temperature setting is not raised, the food will freeze in the fridge after installation of the Fridge Defend fans and controller.

NOTE 5: Installation instructions are downloaded, contact us if you need any clarification before opening package or during the installation. Our product is described as a KIT because our control is universal for both Dometic and Norcold absorption RV refrigerators. The KIT includes the Fridge Defend control, majority of wire connectors for controller, and Fans if ordered. The end user needs to assess their own competence to install the controller. Parts such as certain wire connectors, extension wire and other miscellaneous parts may not be in the KIT, thus are supplied by the end user.

NOTE 6: Due to how our credit card processor website is configured, shipping is selected at checkout, standard shipping is USPS Priority mail without insurance. Please use the 'Continue Shopping' link when checking out to return to this page and purchase shipping insurance and/or signature required shipping options.

NOTE 7: ‘Special Situations’ may include used controls that are purchased, or repaired. If the purchase and/or repair of used components are requested, there is no warranty. Any claims, the product must be returned for inspection.

If you cannot find what you need please use the Contact Us form from the top menu, we are here to help.