Dometic RMD 10.5T • RMD 10.5XT • RMD 10.5XS • RMD 10.5S

Dometic has introduced a new series of refrigerator for 2019, the 10 series. This is an absorption refrigeration system that requires the Fridge Defend remain reliable and safe.

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Dometic RML 10.5T, RML 10.5XT

Dometic RMD 10X & 10XL Overview

The new Dometic series of RV refrigerator breaks with their traditional model number scheme. For example, the excellent RM series of fridge made for 30 years told you the refrigerator capacity in cubic feet (cuft) in the model number. Dometic's 10 series is not a 10 cubic foot fridge, they are 5.4 and 6.3 cubic feet respectively.

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Can You Live Without The Fridge Defend?

Dometic RML 10.5T, RML 10.5XT Boiler

Dometic RMD 10X & 10XL Fridge Defend

This photo shows the Fridge Defend installation on a Dometic RMD 10.5 XT fridge. The insulation is the same as other 6 cubic foot domestic refrigerators. The Fridge Defend not only added safety to this fridge, it improved its performance due to the added ventilation with the v5.1 fan controller kit.

Dometic RML 10.5T Wiring

Wiring Discription

Item # Item
1 Fan 2
2 Fan 1
3 S+ (optional)
4 DC Heater
5 DC Heater Relay (10A fuse)
6 4.2
7 Thermistor 1 (fridge)
8 Gas Valve
9 AC Heater
10 LP Burner
11 Connector Block
12 Lighting
13 Display
14 Heating Frame
15 Fan 2 (optional)
16 Fan 1 (option)
17 Options Module
18 DC Supply Oven (optipn)
19 DC Options Module
20 CI-Buss Connection
21 DC Power Supply
22 12V Terminal Housing
23 DC Supply Cable Electronics
24 DC Supply Heating Element
25 Internal DC Supply (Max 1A)

Specifications Dometic RMD 10.5 Series

Item RMD10.5T RMD10.5XT Units
Dimensions - Depth 21.7 23.8 inch
Dimensions - Height 49.1 49.01 inch
Dimensions - Width 20.6 20.59 inch
Weight 88.2 91.5 lbs
Volume - Total 5.4 6.3 cubic-feet
Volume - Fridge 4.2 4.8 cubic-feet
Volume - Freezer 1.0 1.23 cubic-feet
12V Input Current 14.2 14.2 Amp
12V Input Power 170 170 Watts
AC Input Power 250 250 Watts

Dometic Service Manual Downloads

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Service Manual Download: RMD 10T & RMD10XT.