How does ARP Protect my Fridge

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This video shows the basics behind how the ARP Control protects RV refrigerators. Both Dometic and Norcold RV refrigerators need boiler over heat protection for safety and fire prevention.

The principle behind what keeps a cooking pan from overheating is no different than what keeps a Dometic or Norcold fridge boiler from overheating. The principle is called latent heat, latent heat is the energy needed to boil the water in the pan in this example. The energy provided by the stove is totally consumed by the boiling of the water, therefore the temperature remains constant in the pan as long as there is liquid water in the pan.

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This video expands on the above video. Both Norcold and Dometic RV refrigerators have boilers that drive the refrigeration process. Just the same as the cooking pan in the video above, latent heat keeps your RV fridge boiler at a constant temperature.

With out the ARP Control you are not protected. There are many reasons that the boiler can overheat in an RV fridge, such as parking off-level to run into the store or climbing or descending a steep grade. There is no way to monitor the RV fridge boiler and automatically prevent damage unless you have the patented ARP Control on your fridge.

Q & A

Q Are there more videos that show how the ARP Control works with Dometic and Norcold cooling units?

A Yes, please use the How ARP Works - MENU on the top of this page to learn more about how the ARP Control keeps your fridge safe and reliable.

Q Why does the temperature drop briefly after all the water boils out of the pan?

A The water conducts heat from the bottom of the pan into the temperature sensor. The temperature sensor has a single point of contact with the bottom of the pan. The top of the temperature sensor is cooler than the remainder of the sensor as long as the sensor is submerged in water. Thus, when the water no longer is conducting heat into the sensor, the sensor temperature drops until the heat from the pan heats the entire sensor.

Q Why is the boiling temperature in this video less than 212 degrees -- the standard boiling temperature of water?

A This video was not made at sea-level, as one raises in altitude the air pressure lowers. As a result the temperature at which water boils is also lower. This is why food takes longer to cook at high altitude.

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