Norcold N510 | N511 | N512 | Service Manual

Save money and improve safety on Norcold N510, N511, and N512 by installing the ARP failure prevention device. This page is an installation overview and provides service manual information.


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Install Videos

Please click here and view our wiring video.
Please click here and view our ARP sensor install video.

N510 Cooling Unit

2-Way Norcold N510 - N511 - N512 Series

The wiring drawing to the left is for the 2-way Norcold N510, N511, and N512. 2-way fridges are identified by the fact that they do not have the dot 3 after the model number (N510 versus N510.3). The factory wiring without the ARP Control has the red (your wire color may differ) wire going from the RV power supply (1) directly to the Norcold control box (2). When the ARP Control (3) is installed the power wire is just rerouted to the red wire on the ARP, and the yellow wire on the ARP is routed directly to the Norcold Control (2).

Norcold EZ Install

2-Way with Termal Switch

This figure shows the wiring for the N510, N511, and N512 when the boiler housing thermal switch is installed. This drawing also includes the ARP sensor within the boiler housing.

N510.3 Factory Wiring

3-Way N510.3 - N511.3 - N512.3

The drawing to the right is the factory wiring for the Norcold fridges that have the 3-way option. This is how your RV is wired before wiring the ARP Control. Please note the purple (your wire color may differ) wire with the brown arrow. This wire will be removed, and the ARP Control will replace this part of the circuit.

N510.3 ARP Control Wiring

In order to wire the ARP Control, remove the jumper shown in the drawing above and run the ARP Control (3) red wire to terminal-6. The ARP Control yellow wire is connected to terminal-2.

n511 ARP Sensor

ARP Boiler Sensor

The final photo shows the boiler housing door open, and the sensor of the ARP Control is clipped onto the boiler tube of an N511. Please note that insulation is placed between the ARP Control temperature probe and the boiler tube. This installation is helpful because the temperature sensor cable is isolated from the boiler tube. Do your best to insulate the boiler housing so that heat loss does not affect the cooling efficiency of your fridge.

Fault / Error Codes N510, N511, & N512

No Display No DC to Fridge (fuse F1 blown) Make sure fridge is on.
Check power and ground to fridge.
ARP Control detected an overheat situation, check ARP display to see if a count down period tells when control will turn back on fridge.
F Burner failed to ignite. Use on/off switch to try to re-ignite; no LP gas?; Click here for pressure test.
S Failure of Flame sense circuit LP gas turned off.
Low LP pressure.
Click here for pressure test.
Manual shutoff valve is closed on LP solenoid.
C Low DC voltage. See specifications in next section for proper DC voltage range.
E Hi DC voltage. See specifications in next section for proper DC voltage range.
Γ AC relay stuck closed. Tap on relay, may need to get service help.
A No AC Power at Fridge Check shore power; check RV circuit breaker; Check fuse F3 on Norold control board;
Click here to check GFI.
H AC heater failed open. Click here to check AC heater.
Flashing Temp Setting Thermistor is disconnected or failed. Click here to check thermistor.
Π No cooling detected by Norcold control. Click here to reset control board.
Click here to check thermistor.

Fridge has been operated off level, install ARP Control and this error will never appear.

Norcold N500 & N510 Specification Table

Please note that all of the following specifications are believed to be accurate. If any errors are found, please bring them to our attention as soon as possible. For critical specification please contact Norcold as they make changes to their specifications without notice.

Item Value Units
ARP Control Boiler Temperature See Note 1 Below
N500 Volume 5.5 cu. ft
N510 Volume 5.5 cu. ft
Off-Level Operating Limit See Note 2 Below
N510 Temp Setting Range 1 - 5 5 = Coldest | See Note 3 Below


Item Value Units
Board 12V Fuse 3 Amp
120VAC See Note 4 Below Amp

DC Power

Item Value Units
Automatic Ignition 0.5 Amp
Flapper Heater N/A Amp
DC Heater N500 10.7 Amp
DC Heater N510 10.7 Amp
ARP Control Fan (25cfm blower type) 0.36 Amp
Total Amp Draw 11.56 Amp

AC Power

Item Value Units
Operating Range 108 - 132 VAC
AC Heater N500 1.8/61.3 Amps/Ohms
AC Heater N510 1.8/61.3 Amps/Ohms
Measurement Conditions 110 VAC

LP Gas

Item Value Units
Gas Pressure 10.5 - 11.5 inch w.c.
Heat Input 1200 BTU/hour
Gas Jet LP10
Gas Jet (new style) LP10
Electrode to Burner Gap 1/8" to 3/16" inch


Note 1: 185-195°C - 365-383°F

Note 2: Dependent on ambient and ARP boiler temp.

Note 3: Thermistor Values

Note 4: 5 Amp type AGC fast acting.