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The No Co Norcold page teaches how to reset all Norcold fridges when the No Co code flashes. The Fridge Defend by ARP Control prevents the return of this issue in most cases.

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How Dometic and Norcold Fridge Work Video

The NO CO error was an early attempt by Norcold to try and predict boiler overheating and coolant circulation issues. The Fridge Defend solves boiler overheating and coolant production issues, thus if you are interested in protecting your fridge from this problem again, click on this link and get the Fridge Defend to keep your fridge trouble free. Also, click image to left to learn about how the boiler can overheat, which stops the circulation of refrigerant in your fridge.

Check Thermistor

In a nutshell, the Fridge Defend by ARP will not allow the No Co fault to occur. This is because the No Co fault code is set when the fridge does not cool after turning on, the ARP detects this situation and usually intervenes before the No Co fault code can be set. If you do have the No Co turn on, this can be due to the temperature sensor (thermistor) in the fridge not sending a signal to the Norcold controller. Thus, please use this page with the Norcold Thermistor page.

Following are the steps to reset your Norcold fridge if the No Co Norcold error message is appearing on your fridge control panel. In order to reset Norcold fridges when the No Co code flashes one has to take off the cover of the fridge controller.

First "no co" Fault Occurrence

The first time the “no co” fault code appears on the optical control assembly, it can be cleared by the user by turning the refrigerator OFF and then back ON. This gives the user the opportunity to check for problems that may have caused a "no co" code, such as obstructed ventilation. This fault code occurrence is then stored in the controls. If the refrigerator completes a full cooling cycle after the user turns it back on, this fault code occurrence will be cleared from the controls.

Second "no co" Fault Occurrence

If the refrigerator does not complete a full cooling cycle after the user turns the refrigerator back on and the "no co" fault displays, the control locks the heat sources and a "hard-wire" power board reset is required. The hard-wire reset of the power board must be performed by a service center according to Norcold if you are not qualified to preform this task.

noco Norcold Reset Norcold Wiring

Reset Procedure #1

Power Board Resetting Procedure for S/N 83217 Up (Early Model)

1. Turn OFF the refrigerator.

2. Disconnect the following from power board:

a. 12 VDC positive and negative wires.

b. AC power cord.

c. Gas valve solenoid coil wires.

d. Spark/sense electrode assembly wires.

3. Remove the power board cover.

4. Reconnect a, b, c, & d disconnected in step 2.

5. Turn ON the refrigerator.

6. Locate Pin 15 on 16 pin connector (P1). Pin 15 is the empty socket to the right of the white/violet wire on the top row. See figure to the left.

7. Using an insulated jumper wire, short Pin 15 to the power board ground lug for 10 - 15 seconds. A click sound will indicate when the controls have reset.

8. Turn OFF the refrigerator.

9. Turn ON refrigerator. If "no co" code displays, repeat steps 7 - 9. If the code cleared proceed to step 10.

10. Turn OFF the refrigerator.

11. Disconnect a, b, c, & d. as directed in step 2.

12. Install the power board cover.

13. Reconnect the following to the power board:

a. Spark/sense electrode assembly wire.

b. Gas valve solenoid coil wires.

c. AC power cord.

d. 12 VDC positive and negative wires from the power board.

14. Place refrigerator in service.

Norcold Wiring

Reset Procedure #2

Please use the procedure steps above to open the control cover, also use the steps above with the exception of what is given below.

Use a section of wire and insert it into the P2, pin-2 opening and hold into place. Pin-2 is the second pin from the right as shown in the photo. Ground the other end of the wire for a minimum of 10 seconds. Turn OFF the refrigerator. Restart, if the 'no co" still flashes repeat the procedure.

Please note that the photo is rotated, the top of the control is the upper left corner of the image. Thus, connector P2 is located at the upper left of the control board.

Clearing Fault History Screen

Press and hold the TEMP SET button on the fridge control panel.
When 'Er' shows on the screen release the TEMP SET button.
When 'CL' shows on the screen, wait five seconds and press and hold the TEMP SET button until 'Er' is shown on the screen again.
Cycle the fridge off/on to see if the "no co" error is erased.