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The early 7 series Dometic fridges are excellent fridges, the Fridge Defend is required for safety, reliability, and efficiency. This page covers the RM7030, RM7130, RM7732, RM7832.


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Dometic RM7732 Safety

Dometic Early 12cuft Side-by-Side Overview

The early 7 series Dometic fridges came in 5th Wheel Trailers, Class-A, and some Class-C motorhomes. Due to the dimensions of the refrigerator there is not a direct replacement for this  excellent fridge. The good news is that if the boiler is not allowed to overheat on these units, they will last the life of the RV. Therefore, installation of the Fridge Defend is absolutely necessary to keep these fridges alive.

Click here to see how the ARP helps prevent fires while improving reliability and efficiency.

Another issues that the Fridge Defend + Fan Control addresses is the heat removal from the cooling unit compartment. When Domeic increased the size of their fridge they had to increase the heat input necessary to drive the absorption cycle. As a result, it is highly recommended that the Fridge Defend + Fan Control be installed on these units.

Please click here to see how ARP + Fan Control solves fridge efficiency issues.

Dometic RM7030 RM7732

Install Fridge Defend Control

This image is the view looking into the cooling unit compartment of the Dometic RM7030, RM7130, RM7732, or RM7832. Please note that the drawing shows all of the features for installation of the ARP Control.

The Fridge Defend can be mounted on the Dometic control box. Also, see the wiring section below, some of the RM7 series of fridge do not have the Boiler Housing Thermal Fuse (Dometic Recall: Thermofuse; Thermal Fuse; Thermal Switch).

Please use this image along with the following sections for installation of the ARP boiler temperature sensor.

Dometic RM7130 Boiler

ARP Temperature Sensor

Once the boiler housing is opened, remove the insulation just above the heaters. There are two tubes inside the boiler housing, one is the flue tube, in this photo the flue tube is behind the black arrow. The other tube is the boiler tube. The boiler tube is easy to identify because the electric heater mounts are welded to the boiler tube.

Please note the yellow arrow, there are a number of features as follows: There are crimps in the boiler tube, the ARP boiler sensor is clipped to one of the bulges created by the crimps. Also, the sensor tip is in contact with the boiler tube. Lastly, insulation is placed between the ARP sensor and the flue tube, the black arrow points at the added insulation.

Please see Dometic Left Hand Boiler Temperature Sensor Install Video

Click here to view the NDR1292 page to see more ARP sensor install information.

Cooling Unit Wiring

RM7030; RM7130; RM7732; RM7832 (Early 2-Way)

Please click here for the details of wiring the 2-way models without the boiler thermal switch recall.

RM7030; RM7130; RM7732; RM7832 (Late 2-Way with Recall)

Click here if your fridge has a boiler thermal switch that is wired in line with the power supply.

ARP Fan Install

Please click here for the ARP blower fan and temperature sensor installation.

Please see the full ARP User Manual and Installation Guide for more information needed before using your ARPrv Control.

Dometic Service Manual Repair Specifications

Please note that all of the following specifications are believed to be accurate. If any errors are found, please bring them to our attention as soon as possible. For critical specification please contact Dometic as they make changes to their specifications without notice.

FRIDGE MODEL: RM7030; RM7130; RM7732; RM7832

Parameter Value
Fridge Defend Boiler Temperature 185-195 degC
Fan Control Absorber Coil Temperature 120-135 degF
Off-Level Operating Limit Click Here
Minimum DC Power Supply 9.6 VDC
Maximum DC Power Supply 22 VDC
Maximum AC on 12VDC Supply Line 6 VAC
Board 12VDC Fuse 3 A
Board AC Fuse 5 A
VAC Operating Range 100-132 VAC
DC Heater Power Rating ---
DC Current ---
DC Heater Resistance per Heater (cold) ---
DC Fuse ---
AC Heater Power Rating 210 W
Current 1.8 A
Heater Resistance per Heater (cold) 67 Ohm
Gas Pressure 10.5-11.5 Inch-H2O
Gas Jet #73
Gas Thermocouple 25-35 mVDC
Electrode to Burner Gap 3/16 inch
Thermistor @ 33degF to 35degF 7k-10k Ohm
Please click here for more information on Dometic thermistor troubleshooting.

Dometic Service Manual Downloads

Service Manual Download: RM7030, RM7732

Service Manual Download: RM7030, RM7130, RM7732, RM7832

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