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The Fridge Defend control is necessary on Dometic RM1350 for reliability and safety. View this page for the installation on models RM1350, RM1350M, RM1350IM, RM1350WM, and RME1350


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Dometic RM1350

Dometic RM1350 Overview

The Dometic RM1350 series of refrigerators are 13.5 cubic foot capacity fridges. It is the replacement for the Norcold 1200 and 1210 series. The RM1350 also replaces models such as the NDR1402 & NDA1402. Due to the size and heat load, this fridge requires the Fridge Defend to keep the boiler temperature at safe levels. Further, the Fridge Defend + Fan Control increases the efficiency on this excellent fridge.

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Click here to see how Dometic boiler operates and how the Fridge Defend protects it.

Dometic RM1350 Boiler Housing

RM1350 Temperature Sensor

This photo shows the Dometic RM1350 boiler housing. One does not want to interrupt the signal to the boiler housing thermal switch on the RM1350 refrigerator as is done on other Dometic Fridge Defend installations. Please follow the instructions below for further information. Installation of the ARPrv temperature sensor is similar to the Dometic cooling units found on the following page:

Dometic Cooling Unit | NDR1292 | NDA1402 | NDR1492 | RM1492

Also see this page:

Dometic Left Hand Boiler Temperature Sensor Install Video

RM1350 Terminal Block Wiring

RM1350 Cooling Unit Wiring

Viewing the photo to the right, note that the 12VDC supply from the RV is a large black cable entering the terminal block on top. On the bottom of the terminal marked 12V+ are two smaller gage wires, please see diagram below. It is up to the installer how the Fridge Defend by ARP is wired into this circuit, but it must be noted that both of the wires exiting the bottom of the terminal block must be wired through the ARP yellow wire seen in the following figures.

RM1350 Wiring Diagram

Please also view the last photo on this page for comparison.

Be sure to test the ARP in both gas and shore power modes after the install of the ARP to make sure the fridge restarts correct. This figure is a general over view of how to wire the ARP Control power wires on the RM1350, the following will identify the wires:

[1] This is the terminal marked 12V+ in the photo above. The power from your RV is supplied to your fridge at this terminal. Most, not all, RM1350 installations the power enters from the top of the terminal. After disconnecting the power to the fridge, remove the 12V+ wire from the terminal, insert the ARP yellow wire and make sure the terminal clamps the ARP yellow wire securely. Now connect the ARP red wire [3] to the 12V+ that was removed from the terminal block, this completes the 12V power supply to the fridge.

[2] The ground wire from the RV power supply to the fridge is a good place to connect the ARP green ground wire. As seen in the photo at bottom of page, the ARP green ground wire [4] can also be wired to the ground lug on the fridge.

[3] Power from RV to ARP red wire.

[4] ARP green ground wire. Referencing the drawing below, the ARP ground may be connected directly to the terminal block 'R' or the chassis ground marked 'U' below.

[D+] This is an optional wire, see last photo on this page. Some RV manufactures use the D+ wire and some do not. This wire is simply a signal wire from your RV ignition switch that tells the fridge to lock the doors. This wire is not used for the ARP installation.

Please see the Dometic RM1350 wiring diagram below if an overview of the fridge wiring is needed.

Please click here for the details of wiring the 1350 models with the door lock function.

ARP Fan Install

Please click here for the ARP blower fan and temperature sensor installation.

Please see the full ARP User Manual and Installation Guide for more information needed before using your ARPrv Control.

Dometic RM1350 Wiring Diagram

Dometic Wiring Schematic

This factory wiring schematic is provided because the sticker that comes on the RM1350 fridge often is too weathered to read. This image can be printed for your records if needed.

Dometic RME1350

Dometic 3-Terminal Without D+ Used

This last photo shows an ARP Control installed on a Dometic RME1350. Please note the yellow, red, and green wires on the ARP control. Always test the installation of the the ARP Control according the ARP installation instructions.

Please note that the D+ wire is not used in this installation.

RM1350 Error Codes

EO No communications between the Dometic control board in the cooling unit compartment and the front display panel. Check for bad wiring connections, power down and back up. Control reverts to full automatic operation.
E1 LP gas valve fault. Check the resistance of the valve solenoid. Check gas pressure, purge LP lines and restart.
E2 There is an error with the refrigerated space temperate sensor (thermistor). Check for bad connections, use the table below to check thermistor resistance. IMPORTANT NOTE: The cooling unit will shut down if the thermistor fails. The is a know issue where the thermistor will not detect the thermistor even though there is no problem with the thermistor.
E3 The boiler housing thermal switch has tripped. See photo above pointing to the switch, there is a reset button between the red and yellow wires in the photo that will reset this device. IMPORTANT NOTE: This switch cannot protect the fridge from failing, only the Fridge Defend can do this. This thermal switch just measures the air temperature by the cooling unit.
E4 Low/Hi DC voltage, either DC voltage is below 8VDC, or above 18VDC. Check RV batteries and the chargeing system for errors, check bad connection on power supply.

Diagnostics Mode

To preform a diagnostics test:
1) Turn off the refrigerator with the ON/OFF button.
2) Press and hold the TEMP.SET button, then press the ON/OFF button.
3) Release the TEMP.SET button. Each subsequent press or the TEMP.SET button will toggle through the list of functions in the table below:

1 All outputs off. EO Communication fault.
E2: Temperature sensor fault (thermistor), or actual temperature at the thermistor in units degF.
2 Turn LAC heater on. EO Communication fault.
ON: LAC heater on.
Press lamp switch. The lamp should still be on.
3 Turn AC heater on. EO Communication fault.
ON: AC heater on.
No Display: AC heater off, AC not available.
4 D+ Status. Check to see if D+ connection is used? EO Communication fault.
ON: D+ High (auto engine must be running).
No Display: D+ heater low, not used or error.
5 Try to ignite LP gas (on attempt only) Check to see if D+ connection is used? EO Communication fault.
E1: Igniter & valve off, gas hardware fault.
ON: Igniter & valve on.
FL: Igniter & valve on - flame detected, all is well.
No Display: Above test failed - Check LP System (Flame has to ignite within 45 seconds)
Click here to check burner.

Dometic Service Manual Repair Specifications

Please note that all of the following specifications are believed to be accurate. If any errors are found, please bring them to our attention as soon as possible. For critical specification please contact Dometic as they make changes to their specifications without notice.

FRIDGE MODEL: RM1250; RM1350M; RM1350IM; RM1350MIN; RM1350WM

Parameter Value
Fridge Defend Boiler Temperature 185-195 degC
Fan Control Absorber Coil Temperature 120-135 degF
Off-Level Operating Limit Click Here
Minimum DC Power Supply 9.6 VDC
Maximum DC Power Supply 22 VDC
Maximum AC on 12VDC Supply Line 6 VAC
Board 12VDC Fuse 3 A
Board AC Fuse 5 A
VAC Operating Range 100-132 VAC
DC Heater Power Rating ---
DC Current ---
DC Heater Resistance per Heater (cold) ---
DC Fuse ---
AC Heater Power Rating 420 W
Current 3.5 A
Heater Resistance per Heater (cold) 34.3 Ohm
Gas Pressure 10.5-11.5 Inch-H2O
Gas Jet #76
Gas Thermocouple ---
Electrode to Burner Gap 3/16 inch
Thermistor @ 33degF to 35degF 8k-10k Ohm
Please click here for more information on Dometic thermistor troubleshooting.

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Dometic Service Manual Downloads

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Service Manual Download: RM1350 & RME1350 Elite 2 + 2.