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About Us explains who the inventor of the ARPrv Control is, and why we created this patented Dometic refrigerator and Norcold fridge related to Puerticitos Baja, California.

Paul teaching RV refrigerator control at QIA in Quartzsite, AZ.

Our family history says it all! We have camped in Baja California throughout the 60s, we have been around with our fridge! Our family operated an M16 Dometic  RV Fridge which was manufactured from the late 1950's to the early 1960's for 35 years! The refrigerator was replaced with a larger and more modern unit in the 1990s due to an unfortunate event. Paul operated it off level for just a short time! The M16 made ice after running for just 2 hours in 80 ºF temperatures!

About Us -- The Short Story?

Puerticitos Baja, Norte

To make an about us long story short, most people are aware that the refrigerator in an RV needs to be leveled in order to operate properly.  The Dometic M16 was always leveled before lighting the LP gas heat source which drives the RV fridge process. The M16 did not have a self-igniter feature; therefore the refrigerator could not be run while driving.  That is, until I installed an automatic igniter in the 90s. Needless to say, I parked off level, I forgot about my refrigerator running while I was driving.  Our faithful 35 year old family fridge cooked, and I was to blame! Coming from a family of scientists, I was humiliated!! :(

Sea of Cortez c1964

I installed a new and larger fridge that ran while driving! Its user manual clearly stated that I could park off level for up to 2 hours. Wow, what a value, these new fridges are safer because they can be operated at more extreme angles and while driving! Is that a COOL fridge or what?  :)

But, this fridge failed within 4 years, although I tried to never park off level, I did drive up hills as you see in the photo to the left. This modern design fridge failed even when operated according to the user manual. :(

Comparing the two refrigerators, how they operated and eventually failed created quite a curiosity within me. Teaming up with my wife, we decided to make it our mission to understand what makes these style refrigerators fail. More importantly, what could we do to improve the design so they don't self destruct.

Necessity being the mother of invention, we found the root cause of failure for the RV fridge by the right use of science. After years of research and field testing, we applied for and received a Patent on our Absorption Refrigerator Protective Controller.

We hope you enjoyed our About Us story and it inspires you to consider our Controller for your RV fridge.