Complete Fridge Defend Installation on Dometic DM2852 RV Refrigerator

This video shows the complete installation of the Fridge Defend by ARP on a Dometic RM2852 RV fridge

The following is an install video for the Fridge Defend by ARP. The only difference for the installation between the two major brands of RV refrigerators is that the boiler tube is in back of the flue tube on the RV fridge in this video, the Norcold boiler tube is in front on most models.

ARP Install Video

This video is an ARP Control install on Chuck Edwards coach in Tucson, AZ after the 2015 Escapees Escapades. The fridge was a Dometic, but Norcold fridges follow the same installation procedures with one exception, the Norcold boiler tube is generally in front of the LP gas flue tube. This makes the install easier. Please remember to always keep any original equipment recalls in place. The ARP Control improves the control of the fridge, but it should always be used in conjunction with the factory safety devices.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We changed the way we install the fan sensor as of v4.x controls. We no longer use a hose clamp, click following link for new method of fan sensor install:

Fan Sensor Install Video

Critical Safety Feature Install Page

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Our special thanks to Chuck for his kind and professional contribution to

We highly recommend Charles Edwards services; please visit his website at the following link: Stroop Effect Studios

Dometic Install vs Norcold Install

The above Fridge Defend by ARP install video is an RV education video. When preforming an installation one must take care to follow common mechanical and wiring procedures for automobiles. Dometic & Norcold installs are very much similar because both of these refrigerators are built almost alike. Each of these fridges have power supplies, flue and boiler tubes, and controllers that regulate the temperature within the refrigerated compartment. It is as simple as being able to identify these differences to preform an install of the ARP Control. The ARP Control is universal because it controls the power supply to your fridge. Other than identifying the proper tube to install the ARP temperature sensor, all one has to do is identify the power and ground supply from the RV to the fridge.

Please feel free to contact us at ARPrv by using our Contact Us form above or below on this page. The installation of the ARP Control is quite easy if you have basic mechanical and electrical skills. We cannot provide every step for every fridge on these web-pages. Download all documentation before attempting an install, let us know if you have any questions, please contact us and we will assist you in your installation.