Customer Ratings of ARP Control

Thank you for visiting the ARP Control customer ratings page. We want others to know how you feel about the ARP Control and how it helps protect, improves safety, and increases efficiency of Norcold and Dometic fridges.

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Average Star Rating: 4.8 Stars

ARP Control Improves Safety, Reliability, and Efficiency


So what is up with these numbers?
Out of the total number of customer ratings, these graphs show how many people that bought an ARP Control felt that their family was safer, their fridge was more reliable, and that the ARP + Fan Control made their fridge more efficient. Please note that none of the pets that were left alone in the RV reported, but an independent survey (the dog next door) stated that 100% of pets insist their master is goofy if they do not purchase an ARP Control for safety.

ARP + Fan Control versus Basic ARP Control

ARP + Fan Control
Basic ARP Control

What is this all about?
This is the ratio of folks that installed an ARP + Fan Control verses a Basic ARP Control. These numbers reflect mostly on the Efficiency graph above. Although the ARP Basic control fully protects the fridge while improving efficiently, the ARP + Fan Control makes a noticeable difference in efficiency in hot weather and slide-out applications.

ARP Control by Star Rating

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# Ratings Fan Controls Basic Controls
131 78 53

# Ratings Fan Controls Basic Controls
16 7 9

# Ratings Fan Controls Basic Controls
3 0 3

# Ratings Fan Controls Basic Controls
2 0 2

# Ratings Fan Controls Basic Controls
2 1 1

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