Frequently Asked Questions for RV Refrigerators

Our FAQ page will answer common questions about the ARP Control Fridge Defender and Norcold or Dometic refrigerators.

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Table of Contents

Fridge Troubleshooting

QUESTION: My fridge is not working, where do I start troubleshooting?

ANSWER: This is a very complex question, but we are here to help, see answers A and B below.

A): The ARP Control is a very powerful troubleshooting device. If you have a the Fridge Defender by ARP please seek help in the Troubleshooting Guide. Click here for download of Troubleshooting Guide

B): If you do not have the Fridge Defender by ARP, we have provided common problems and the method to troubleshoot your fridge by clicking on this link and selecting your fridge type, Dometic or Norcold from the sub-menu.

Who Can Install the ARP Control?

QUESTION: I do not think I can install the ARP Fridge Defend, can you train my RV Technician to install it for me?

ANSWER: Yes! We need skilled RV technicians for reference in your area, please help us find qualified technicians that you trust to do a good job. It will be our pleasure train them and provide referral for further installations.
Any RV Tech that can install a refrigerator if there is a failure can install the ARP if they want to.

Will the Fridge Defender by ARP Work On My Fridge?

QUESTION: My fridge is not listed under the Dometic or Norcold Install pages, will the ARP work on my fridge?

ANSWER: Yes! The ARPrv Control is universal and can be adapted to any absorption fridge. Please use the Contact Us form on the top or bottom menus to request information about a specific fridge.

Click here and read to end of page for how the ARP works.

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What Does the Information on the ARP Display Mean?

QUESTION: I see information flashing on the ARP Control display, is there a list of information seen on the ARP Control display?

ANSWER: There are two basic reasons that the ARP displays information as follows:

1) The the ARP Fridge Defender is protecting your fridge due to an overheat situation.

2) If there is an error code displaying, error codes are not numeric, they are letters like 'OPn' which tells the end user that there is an error with the ARP temperature sensor. For a list of error codes and their meaning please consult the ARP Troubleshooting Guide section "ARP Error Messages", Click here for manuals download.

How Long Should My Fridge Last?

QUESTION: Will the ARP Control make my refrigerator last forever?

ANSWER: No, the ARP is no different from any other preventive mechanism. Failure is just a natural process, prevention is just smart. For example, the human body is known to last longer when diet and exercise are implemented as a preventive measure. But, diet and exercise will not make anyone live forever, no system in nature can be absolutely prevented from failure. Degradation is a natural process. Just as diet and exercise can help you live longer, limiting the boiler temperature of your cooling unit will help your fridge live longer.

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Will the ARP Stop All Fires?

QUESTION: Will the ARP Control keep all fires from occurring in my RV?

ANSWER: The ARP only senses excessive boiler temperatures when the control is turned on and has been installed and maintained properly. The ARP control cannot prevent fires when there are defects to the cooling unit or if the cooling unit has been abused before the ARP was installed. Although limiting your boiler temperature is the best preventive measure to prevent a cooling unit boiler caused fire, there are many sources of refrigerator fires. A partial list, but not limited to, would include rodent nests, insect nests, wiring failure, LP gas leaks, and 120VAC failures.

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