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If you are fixing an RV fridge, our Data Interface Controller is a must for Dometic and Norcold diagnostics and troubleshooting.

WARNING: You have reached the profesional troubleshooting tool ofered by Fridge Defend.

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The Fridge Defend Data Interface Controller can be mounted either inside or outside the RV. The control can be free standing to use with existing installations so that RV repair shops can preform advanced diagnostics. This tool is an incredible diagnostic tool for an RV service technician, it does the work while the tech is free to attend to other tasks. We all know how expensive a new RV Refrigerator is! In order to preform diagnostics on Norcold or Dometic RV refrigerators just start a data logging session, come back later and read the recorded temperature curves to pinpoint the problem with a fridge.

RV Fridge Data Recorder

The Fridge Defend Controller can be mounted either inside or outside the RV. This installation is on a Lance slide-in camper with a Dometic RM3663 refrigerator. The features of the control are as follows:

PB1 ON/OFF button. In the present configuration, a toggle switch mounted inside the RV can control the ON/OFF function of the control also. This allows ON/OFF control from either inside or outside the RV.

PB2 Display button. This is a multi-function button that will display the present boiler temperature while in ARP control mode, or select variables for adjustment when in the Set-Up mode.

PB3 Set-Up. This multifunction button will test the ARP Relay when in the ARP mode, or adjust variables when in the Set-Up mode.

ARP Relay controls the heat source when activated.

Display shows temperatures and allows the operator to Set-Up the control.

Data Collection is an option for this control, more on this subject below.

Data Interface Controller for Advanced Diagnostics

The data acquisition version of the ARP control can monitor thermal characteristics and event timing for any absorption type refrigerator. The ARP control uses a USB cable to connect to the computer. A software package for a PC is supplied which stores the data either in tab-separated TXT file or MS-Excel to create charts and databases.

Data Acquisition allows diagnostic capability for Absorption Refrigerators - unequaled by any other method!

Norcold Data Controller

[1] START button to start the data collection process.

[2] PAUSE to stop the data collection, just click START to resume data collection.

[3] Pause indicator to inform operator if the data collection has been PAUSED or is presently running.

[4] Port connection indicator.

[5] Set COM port number.

Dometic Data Controller

[6] Save button so operator can save important settings.

[7] Setting to switch between units of temperature measurement.

[8] Switch between different versions of MS-Excel.

[9] Real time analog and digital temperature measurement.

[10] Real time dynamic set-point indicator with digital display.

[11] Record of the highest temperature recorded during the data collection session.

[12] Data timer.

[13] Close program.

Our design staff can modify the example program demonstrated above to meet the specific needs of organizations. For example, a company trade mark may be placed into the program and/or each file created. We aim to meet the needs of our customers in a manner that offers the most convenience. Ideas and needs evolve with time. Our Data Interface Controller is a very thorough diagnostic tool.

We are committed to excellence and a desire to help our client prosper. Our design staff can adapt the ARP control in just about any manner our customer feels necessary to be competitive.

Cable Required for Data Collection (not included)

Digi Key



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