Nordic Cooling Unit Install

This page is for professional installers that are using Nordic Cooling Units and installing the Fridge Defend by ARP.

Table of Contents

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Click here for Nordic Cooling Units help.


This page is designed for professionals that understand how to get stuff done fast with minimal instruction. The steps on this page are numbered from unpacking the cooling unit to delivery of the RV to the customer.

1 • Unpack & Documentation

RV Fridge Roof Ventilator

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Your Nordic Cooling Unit has a package that contains both the Nordic and Fridge Defend information. The paper that has the Fridge Defend information on it also includes the serial number & the version of the control, in addition the instructions for download of the installation, user, and troubleshooting manuals. This information shall be given to the customer for registration of their new controller.

2 • Install Instructions

Installer downloads the installation instructions at the following link: Click here to download Installation Manuals

3 • Install Controller

Because the boiler sensor is already installed on the cooling unit, there are just a few pages of the Installation Instructions needed. Use the Table of Contents to use the following sections:

  1. Mounting Location: Where to mount the control.
  2. A1 Wiring Sequence: All wire color & ID, order of connections, fuse/protection.

View a brief video on the wiring principles: All about Wiring Fridge Defend

4 • Test Controller!

There is a very simple and fast test using the 'SetUp' button to preform once the control is wired, this guarantees the Fridge Defend is wired correct - VIDEO: TEST FRIDGE DEFEND