Want a Safe, Reliable, and Efficient Dometic or Norcold RV Fridge?

We at Fridge Defend, formerly ARP Control, want you to know our mission statement. We strive to make Dometic and Norcold RV refrigerators more efficient, last longer, and be much safer!

Dometic and Norcold Happy Campers

Mission Statement

Thank you for choosing the Fridge Defend by ARP Control for your RV refrigerator protection. Our mission statement is simple; to produce the best product that provides the most value for your money!  After all, we are in the business of saving you money!  We designed and built our product to solve our own refrigeration issues, now you can benefit from our innovation. An RV fridge is a big investment, every Dometic or Norcold fridge needs one!

Customer Service

We have an established reputation with years of service to the RV industry.  Our focus has been to engineer the best and most functional product and to have the best and most efficient manufacturing. We at ARPC LLC are committed to customer service. A customer said to me: Company X treated me like a mushroom, they keep me in the dark and feed me manure. Why was this said to us? Out of frustration!

This customer purchased product, it failed, when it failed the customer service for product X gave manure rather than solutions.

The ARP Control offers solutions and value in many ways. One way is to teach the end user rather than keeping them in the dark. We truly want to help you with your RV refrigeration needs. If we have the time, we will spend it with you helping you solve that problem that seems like no one else could solve.

Dometic Happy Campers

So how can we create Dometic happy campers? This is easy, we used a Dometic product for 35 years trouble free! Dometic has a long history of quality products, the Fridge Defend solves a long felt need by automatically controlling the refrigeration process in a manner that prevents Dometic products from self destruction.

Norcold Satisfied Customers

What is a Norcold satisfied customer? A customer that knows that there fridge is reliable. A lot of 15 to 20 year old Norcold fridges are still functioning! Most of us are aware that Norcold has had some issues, but we believe these issues are behind them. We attempt to selflessly help all customers with any issues they have, we are here to help.

Fridge Defend = Satisfied Customers

We at Fridge Defend want satisfied customers. We will do what we can to help with all of your RV refrigeration needs. Please use the Contact Us form at top or bottom of this page if you have any cares or concerns, we take our job seriously!

Please view our products and purchase our products.