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The following links are to forums where folks have posted comments about the ARP Control. We at ARPC L.L.C. have purposely stayed off of the internet forums so that our customers can speak for us. We posted one letter sent to us on RVforum.net regarding wind stagnation of cooling units at the time of this writing (Please see post with arrow below).

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Email 4/5/2017 -- ARP Required

"To me the ARP Controller is a requirement!"

Brett Wolfe, FMCA Technical Advisory Committee

Diesel Pushers & Caterpillar RV Engine Advisor

9/18/2023   Thanks for taking the time to help me!

You and your wife have put so much into your solution.

I fully understand what your unit does. Being a metal fabricator, I understand how excess heat and corrosion negatively affects the tubing. You’ve spent so much time trying to simplify the concepts with your videos. I enjoyed watching them. I made some videos for my own products so appreciate the challenge. My tool business is called Timeshavertools. Time Shaver Tools Inc.

Thanks again and I’ll happily direct everyone I encounter who has an absorption refer to your website.


Norcold 1210

6/21/2023   Over time the refrigerator failed and I had to have it replaced

Installed Fridge Defend, solved problem

I put my coach in my driveway not to live in it but to load it up with clothes and food before a trip. I didn't even consider leveling it because we weren't staying in it. And I did not think we were too far off level, after we were comfortable in it I turned on the refrigerator up to 48 hours before we were leaving. Obviously that was wrong knowing what I know now.

I had a Fridge Defend installed after I had the cooling unit replaced. This week I parked it in my driveway to unload it after a trip. It was not perfectly level but it was not too bad. After about two hours, the refrigerator was off and wouldn't come back on.

I talked to Paul at Fridge Defend via email and he came to the conclusion that there was nothing wrong with either the refrigerator or Fridge Defend and that the problem was that the coach was not level.

I then moved the coach to a more level position and the refrigerator turned on and all was well! I was shocked at how dependent the fridge was that the coach was perfectly level.

Dave828, retired Math Professor.
Nexus Ghost

Dometic RM1350 Refrigerator Depends on Level

6/16/2023   As a retired Firefighter, I really appreciate Fridge Defend

Finally understand the problem, and now feeling well protected!

WOW, Thanks Fridge Defend for explaining the problem with running these RV Fridges off level. We have had these fridges for over 15 years and when I would ask, "What happens when you run them off level" all I ever heard was, "something bad happens" or "you could damage the unit".

Now I understand that during an overheat, the corrosion prevention material moves away from the tubing and the ammonia can eat a hole through, releasing the high pressure ammonia solution. If this happens, and you are lucky, you just ruin the cooling unit. If you are less lucky, a fire can result from the escaping ammonia.

That is scary. As a retired Firefighter, I really appreciate Fridge Defend for explaining the situation and providing a great device to prevent an overheat and possible fire. We got the unit with 2 outside cabinet cooling fans and the fridge is working great!.

C Huntze, Fremont Fire Department (CA)
Nash 25 DS Travel Trailer

Norcold N7XFR Motor Home fire in Tampa, 5 dogs dead.

7/13/2022   More at ease now!

I wanted to share with you the results of my installation. I install device to my Norcold and had my Rig parked in my driveway all weekend with the sun pounding on the backside of Fridge for 3 days and Freezer 3 degrees and Fridge 30 degrees 😜
Relaxed, I am more at ease now knowing my Insulin will not spoil when camping.

Thank you both for a great device and rest assure I will be suggesting it to any and all fellow RVers I come in contact with.

R Rivera, USAF Ret. Thanks a veteran!

Norcold 1210T www.forestriverforums.com Fridge Defend comments

6/14/2022   Probably saved from burning down our RV and the facility it was in at the time.

Bought from you v4.1 + 1 Fan in April of 2020. Has been and still is working GREAT! As a matter of fact it probably saved from burning down our RV and the facility it was in at the time.

A Tech working on our unit installing a new roof completely covered the side vent (possibly even the roof vent) and the frig was overheating for about 24hrs. Temp IN FRIG was +100° when we arrived. Your control unit kept the boiler from heating past the (360°?) set point.

Thanks for your help and thanks for developing Fridge Defend,

F Krastel

Dometic DM2652RBFX

6/14/2022   It saved us from having to get a new fridge

Thank you, Paul. We’ve been using the Fridge Defend for a while now and love it! It saved us from having to get a new fridge after a failure last summer during a week’s long desert trip. We have an intake and an exhaust fan for the passthrough but I am adding a second intake and exhaust to help with more air movement. So far, it’s been great.


Mr. J Ball

Dometic DM2672RBFX

9/10/2021   Arizona Heat!

I bought and installed the fridge defender in fear of possible over heat and fire. Bought package with two exterior cooling fans. The two fans were not enough as I live in Arizona were temps get into the triple digits. My fridge stayed in the high 40’s to 50. Until I was told by Paul at Fridge Defender to get two more fans. I did and now my fridge is staying at 36-37 in the Az heat.

Thank you Fridge Defender staff for helping me fix my issue!

M. Roe

Norcold N2118

9/1/2021   Being able to boondock with confidence helps!

I did want to express gratitude and appreciation for your knowledge, skills and passion for designing/engineering a safety oriented product that serves RVers like me who do not always go where the vehicle was meant to go. We really do feel safe with the ARP device.

My fridge has observably operated more efficiently and kept temp better since Fridge Defend installation.

Michael G,

Dometic DM2652 RBFX

3/8/2021   RV Fridge - Are the manufacturers purposely keeping us in the dark?

It took me a long time to get around to installing fridge protection and I don’t know why it took so long. It should be mandatory on all units with an absorption type fridge.

Robert M,

Grand Design 2018 Reflection 327

2/23/2021   Your unit saved us from burning up our toy hauler!

Two weeks ago after not using our rig for two months. We had trip planned and I turned fridge on. The ARP showed 216 degrees C last I looked. Next time I looked our ARP unit had shut the fridge down. Than shut the fridge down again. I started checking and found it did it 5 times. I also found the cooling unit had gone bad after lots of diagnostics.

Chuck Miller,

2007 Cyclone Full Throttle with Dometic RM2852.

8/22/2020   ARP Fridge Defend is a life saver!

"We will not travel without the Fridge Defend"
See video link below where testimonial about Fridge Defend states that the ARP Control prevented a fire!

Click for YouTube video, from time 10:39 to 11:20 is testimony for Fridge Defend

Bob and Pearl, Next Exit YouTube Channel

8/13/2020   Fridge and freezer are working 100% better now!

Finally got around to installing my fridge defend with 2 outside fans and 2 defrost fans and I am very impressed. Fridge and freezer are working 100% better now. I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with your product.

It’s a shame that the original manufacturer (in my case Dometic) didn’t just build it like this in the first place but it looks like y’all have solved my problem.

D Mills

5 year old travel trailer with a Dometic DM2852LBFX fridge in slide-out.

5/7/2020   So happy!

Thank You and God Bless!

Click for forum comments.


Thor Hurricane 27K, Norcold N611

7/4/2020   High-end Truck Camper More Frequently Park Off-Level

Just installed the ARP Fridge Defend with dual fans with conjunction with a new cooling unit. This is a great & well thought-out product. A 5-Star thank you !! High-end Truck Camper makers should offer this as standard. We more frequently park off level for periods of time.

New Bigfoot camper, first trip on a flat dry lake..(no OEM cooling fans were installed)....the OEM cooling unit overheated in 100F+ temps for 3 days, and provided only trivial cooling. (35F/60F)....no recovery....possibly due to the dreaded precipitates. Now running 16F/36F in 95F ambient temps.

M Peterson

New Bigfoot Camper - Norcold N8X

3/10/2020   Paul and Mao saved our marriage!

After attending their seminar on the Fridge Defend, I explained to Paul the many frustrating issues we’ve had with our Norcold 1200 including the replacement of the complete cooling unit as an attempted remedy.

As I explained the history, Paul was sure he knew what was wrong. Already convinced we needed his Fridge Defend with the fans from a safety standpoint, we made arrangements for them to install the next day.

It’s been 72 hours at this writing and the fridge has never skipped a beat, cooling as it should.

As a retired service manager for a commercial truck dealer, I appreciate sound technical advice and they sure came through for us.

Jim and Kathy

2003 Fleetwood Expedition - Norcold 1200 slide-out mounted

3/22/2020   Now we don't need to stock a separate cooler or worry about destroying the fridge.

I finally got around to installing my ARP Fridge Defender. I've been worried with my driveway, offlevel in both directions, it would destroy my fridge, so we've been packing a separate cooler and loading afterwards.

It was an easy install, Paul from ARP was very responsive in his replies when I needed help. Now that I have this device protecting my fridge I'm not afraid to run it!

Thank you and your team! Ken

Click here for Forest River Forums thread.

IRV2 1/30/2020 -- ARP Control Saves the day!

Just wanted to share our recent experience with the ARP Control (ours is ver. 3 with fan control).

Last week our Norcold 1200 developed the dreaded ammonia leak. I found the yellow stuff when I pulled the outside vent cover to see why we lost power to the fridge.

The ARP Control stopped the potential disaster by shutting down the AC to the fridge, just like it was supposed to. And as I understand it, at a much lower temp that the Norcold recall switch would have done.

I'm in the process of getting the cooling unit replaced (should be done tomorrow), and not going to complain about Norcold. Before this problem, the only other trouble I've had with it was a failing power control board. I solved that problem by replacing it with a Dinosaur board. Overall, our 1200 worked well, with a 14 year life and the last 2 1/2 running full time!

Click here for full iRV2 thread.

In my opinion, anyone with an RV fridge should consider installing an ARP Control. You can actually install it in conjunction with the Norcold recall switch.

kf6ybl, iRV2 Senior Member, Fleetwood Southwind 32v

10/13/2019 -- Operating Fridge While Driving (Side-Vent) -- Letter to Gary Bunzer

I recently was looking at some of the questions and answers on your RV Doctor web site and noticed that in one you said (I am paraphrasing) that if the propane system was operating correctly and had no safety issues it was acceptable to operate an rv refrigerator while driving.

After about 3 years our cooling unit failed. Although I usually left it running when driving I was always careful to level the unit when stopped or camped.

Shortly after replacing the cooling unit I read about the ARP Fridge Defend and decided to give it a try. I also added two fans sold by ARP.

During the first year of operation the controller tripped and turned the fridge off for a cooling period over 30 times. Every time it did I was driving, usually in mountainous terrain and during warmer weather. A couple times it occurred when driving on level ground but in windy conditions. In any case, the sloshing around of the ammonia did not keep the unit from overheating.

I know the conventional wisdom is that driving motions keeps the ammonia from pooling and doesn’t result in overheating but that has not been my experience.

If you have a Dometic or Norcold, install an ARP Control.

Steve H, side-vent Dometic DM2852

Email 5/27/2019 -- 2018 Dometic DM2663RBX -- Wow!

Got the ARP all hooked up and running yesterday afternoon. Wow! We have had our camper for only 10 months but wow, it cooled down much faster and colder than usual. Within about 5 to 6 hours the freezer was at 7 degrees Fahrenheit and frig was too cold at 31 degrees, still gave a little fine tuning to get frig about 36 to 38. It was 85+ degrees here yesterday and around 80 degrees in the evening.

We are impressed with the change in performance,

Gary Sibert

DM2663 Fridge Defend Ventilator Fan
Fridge Defend Defrost Fan


Email 3/23/2019 -- I am a Fire Chief and appreciate Fridge Defend Seminars at the Escapade Rallies

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Paul and Mao for the time and effort they put forth to help in the quest to make our RVing safer. I now sleep a lot better knowing our absorption style RV refrigerator is protected by their Fridge Defend controller. As being a retired fire chief, I know the value of fire prevention and also know firsthand the destruction, loss of life, pain, and agony that can go along with accidental and unwanted fire. So I strongly endorse the Fridge Defend by ARP for anyone who has an absorption RV refrigerator.

You two are hero's for saving lives and destruction!

Mike Burger, Kochville Twp. Fire Chief (Ret.)

Email 2/14/2019 -- The ARP Fridge Defender is the best aftermarket item sold today for the RVer

The ARP Fridge Defender is the best aftermarket item sold today for the RVer with an absorption refrigerator. The safety and reliability the control provides is well worth the price. The control is truly a value added upgrade that any RVer should have. We just purchased a new RV and before we spent one night in it I added the ARP Fridge Defender to the RV. You will sleep better knowing such a quality product is helping protect your cooling unit and your safety. The owners are great people and very knowledgeable about their products. Get the Fridge Defender so you can keep your cool.

Thanks ARP!!!

Phillip Enoch

Email 11/19/2018 -- Thanks, installation was smooth

ARP unit tests Pass and all functions appear to work as intended. I see this as a real benefit and small price to pay for safety and get maximum lifespan out our Dometic unit. Hard to put a price on that.

Great product!

L Greenfield

Email 9/7/2018 -- After listening to Mack the Fire Guy at two different RV rallies, I decided to order and install the ARP V2.0.

After installation of the Fridge Defend in February, the fridge ran flawlessly. Last week the Fridge Defend shut off our Norcold 1210. When I removed the vent cover, the smell of ammonia nearly knocked me over. I knew the cooling unit had failed. There is no question in my mind that if we had not had the ARP unit installed, we may have had a fire. The Norcold was just over 8 years old.

We mentioned this to our adult children, who just spent the Labor Day weekend in South Fork, Co. They told us that a class C RV near them had caught fire, over the weekend, the fire being started by the fridge.

Thanks for a great life-saving product!

ML Wilson

Email 5/16/2018 -- I will no longer worry about my fridge being inadvertently out of level!

I am really pleased with the ease of installation and the quality of the materials and instructions. I have done the test of the unit and it all looks really great!

Thank you very much for the prompt supply of the equipment ,

Dave from the Great White North (Canada)

Email 4/28/2018 -- I have expensive medical supplies in my fridge.

The v2.1 with the additional fans has solved my issue with the fridge shutting down for what seemed like no reason.


Wayne B

Email 4/24/2018 -- I have owned an ARP Control v1.0 since 2014.

I like the peace of mind it gives that it is protecting my motorhome from any failure of my fridge. I would recommend it to anyone.

Thank you,

Jeremy M

Email 3/21/2018 -- RV Repair Shop Proceeded to Jack Up

I installed the ARP and everything was working fine, so we hit the road. We developed suspension problems in our class-A when coming into Las Vegas. We took our rig to an RV repair shop which proceeded to jack up the front of the RV to work on the suspension. The fridge was not turned off, rather the ARP turned off the fridge, thereby doing its job. The sad thing, because he ARP turned off the fridge, the ARP was in turn turned off so that the fridge could continue running. By operation of the fridge off-level, two things happened: (1) The fridge temperature rose to the point that everything in the freezer melted, and the food in the fridge spoiled. (2) The fridge was restarted once leveled by the RV tech, but the fridge never cooled properly, and the ARP shut down the fridge a week later when it completely failed. We are thankful the ARP was doing its job, it is too bad that the RV being off-level was not recognized as an issue, rather the ARP was shut-down which ultimately killed our fridge and could have put us in danger.

Thanks for an excellent product, after the recalls we came to not trust this kind of device! This is our mistake!!

A Welinder

Email 3/5/2018 -- I think I found the problem:

My fifth wheel is off-level enough that it's causing the cooling unit to over heat. I'm camped on a vacant lot on a little slope and the soil is not very compacted. I'm low some now at the Front Cap and the Street Side because the jack sank into the ground. The ARP did it's job and protected my Dometic RM1350, thank god I did not have a fire!

God bless you and Mao - I really appreciate you guys and what you have done with the ARP!

Lew King, TX

Email 1/21/2018 -- The ARP Refrigerator Protection Device Saved Me! -- Recommended by Electrical Engineer

The ARP Control saved me from catastrophic failure and a fire due to freezing weather. I have used the ARP Control since finding out about your product at the 2014 FMCA rally. I wanted to share two posts I made:

WINNIE OWNERS: The ARP Refrigerator Protection Device Saved Me!

IRV2: The ARP Refrigerator Protection Device Saved Me!

Thanks for your excellent engineering,

R Smischny, EE

Email 8/21/2017 -- I discovered ARP after replacing my Norcold N3104 refrigerator for the 3rd time on my 2014 Winnebago ERA 70X

I was frustrated and found ARPrv.com. ARP's customer service is the best. Questions are answered promptly and politely. I recommend ARP to anyone!!

Thanks for your help,

Doug Sandmann

Email 8/20/2017 -- 5-star rating, has improved safety, efficiency, and reliability!

I do a lot of traveling on my Roadtrek 210 Popular, over all kinds of terrain, and have had no problems with my fridge since Paul installed the ARP in September 2016. In January 2016, I had to have a new unit installed because the original fridge died while I was traveling in the southeast. To protect the new unit, I drove to MT to get the ARP.

Well worth the trip! Thank you Paul and Mao.

Susan Culver

Email 8/16/2017 -- I recently purchased and installed an ARP 3.1 + Fan Control and am thoroughly delighted!

As I was traveling in Canada this year, up and down 6-8% grades, I happened on an article in the RV Daily Report about the ARP Control. After reading about how quickly a refrigerator can overheat from off-level operation (up/down mountains, parking lot on a slant, flat tire, etc.), I started researching the ARP product and it made sense to invest in this added level of protection.

My original Norcold 1200 failed and after two replacement cooling units, was finally completely replaced by a Norcold 1210 which operated much better than the old unit.

I finally feel that my refrigerator is protected from non-optimal operating conditions and that I am safe from over temperature conditions that can cause a catastrophic fire.

Too bad the refrigerator manufacturers do non include a more sophisticated refrigerator control with their units, at least as an option, or that RV manufacturers do not add the ARP as a standard safety feature.

While the Norcold recall is supposed to protect against catastrophic failure, it does not address out of range operational conditions that could damage the refrigerator.

Keith Olivier

Email 7/31/2017 -- Interior is approximately 10F colder

My ARP unit is working as advertised - GREAT! I left it in OEM settings, fan installed just above bottom ventilation panel. Main apparent difference is, interior temperature of fridge; same frig temp setting but interior is approximately 10F colder, was 34F and after installation of ARP now 24F. I've got to change setting or freeze the milk. It took me a while to realize the value of an ARP, glad I did!

It took me a while to realize the value of an ARP, glad I did!

Ray Fowler

Email 7/28/2017 -- How do I spell refrigerator relief? Why, ARP of course!

I couldn't wait to get my ARP installed because my hot afternoon temps were around 45-47 degrees sometime, and I was worried about my cooling unit getting too hot. Am so relieved and thrilled with these ARP temps now. How do I spell refrigerator relief? Why, ARP of course!

Royal RV Inspection Inc. (see Facebook post)
National RV Inspector's Association
Kerrnville, TX

Lew King

Email 6/29/2017 -- We installed a refrigerator protection device

The install was very easy, see this post:


Thanks a lot! This should help others,

Ken Wetz

Email 4/28/2017 -- Hardly out of Level Overheat

I purchased the fridge cooling fan system and really like it although it is one of those things you hardly notice or more then that are not suppose to notice. When I was having it installed I could see where the fridge had gotten hot before, although I knew it had gotten hot one time and it was hardly out of level. Didn't want that to happen again.

Thanks again, I really like that I have your product. Good addition.

Mickael Gouweloos

Letter Received 3/20/2017 -- ARP Control Works!


A couple of weeks ago we were in Mexico in our RV and a medical emergency arose where we had to run to the ER. After getting the patient into care I returned to park the RV. Of course, my mind was certainly not on the refrigerator when the security guard directed me to park in a spot sloping at 15 degree angle!
After the emergency had passed and we returned to the RV, it struck me that the parking job might not have been beneficial to the fridge. Not to worry, the ARP controller had done its job and shut the system down as advertised.

Thank you for an excellent and reliable product.

Sincerely, John S Freitag

Letter Received 8/21/2016 -- Seven to Ten Degrees Colder than Before

Just wanted to say thanks for a great product. I also wanted to tell you of an unexpected benefit of using the ARP with fan control. I installed a blower of the same specs in the louvered access as you suggested. I also replaced the fans I had installed many years ago at the roof level with two 4 1/2" permanent magnet units. I installed the blower in the access door about a week before the roof fans. In the week following installation of the ARP and blower my fridge performed just as it had been. In other words temp was consistent as before and I could hear the factory Norcold fans run as before.

After installing the two roof fans running in tandem with the blower I found the factory fans never come on. I also have monitored fridge internal temp and it averages about seven to ten degrees colder than before. So, not only do I sleep better knowing the ARP is doing its job I also have a more efficient fridge as a result of your outstanding product!

There are literally thousands of folks that would benefit in more than one way by installing the ARP. Just as the EMS protects the electronics in my coach the ARP protects against an even greater potential danger, a fridge fire!

I'd bet that anyone that has had the factory fans die. Or as in my case didn't have fans from day one could install an ARP with fan control and fans as I have configured cheaper than having their fridge pulled to correct the problem.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

James Redmond, Happy Camper with Norcold 1210 -- Escapee Member

Letter Received 7/1/2016 -- ARP Saved Our Refer

I do have an input on how the ARP Unit saved our refer in a rather subtle way. While in OH, we attended an RV Rally at a fairgrounds in NE OH that lasted 6 days. When we arrived we were parked on what seemed to be firm sod and put our jack pads down, as we usually do just to minimize settling, So as the first few days passed, we noted that our Motor Home seemed to be moving off level, as is sometimes common for us.

However, we also began to note that our refrigerator was not cooling as well as it had been, since leaving on our trip. Then on the third day, it stopped cooling altogether. Then I finally woke up to the fact that the ARP Unit had probably done it's job and shut down the refrigerator. We then accomplished another leveling of the Motor Home and recycled the refrigerator. That action resulted in our refrigerator coming back on line as before, and we completed our rally without further problems. And we have not had any further anomalies since then either.

As you can probably tell, I am really pleased that I had you install one of your ARP Safety Units in our Motor Home

Also, I have read the four articles that you wrote for the ESCAPEES Magazine. I really think that you did a extremely fine job of covering the problem, and how your ARP Unit is designed to protect RV Refrigerators from a serious failure.

Best Regards,
JVAndrews, Retired Aeronautical Engineer - USAF

Redmond, OR FMCA Rally 2014 -- The ARP Control is a unique and useful item. It is good to see truly innovative RV accessories like this at rallies.

I was pleased to see a unique and useful item at the Redmond, OR FMCA rally. The item I am referring to solves some of the ongoing RV refrigeration issues that have plagued RV owners for over 30 years. The ARP Control solves one critical problem that RV’ers have had, the issues associated with off-level damage to their Dometic or Norcold fridge. The good news is that by solving this one problem, many other problems are also addressed, for example, the overheating of the fridge boiler that can lead to RV fires and the ventilation issues that can also damage the fridge.

Looking forward to not having to replace anymore fridges,
Bruce Chong, FMCA Technical Advisory Committee

Sprinter-Forum -- ARP control for Norcold 3150

"I had one fridge go bad in less than a year and didn’t want to repeat that (out of warranty would be costly).
I installed a newer version 3.1 ARP on my 2016 Winnebago View 24J."

2016 Winnebago View 24J Happy Camper

RV.net Forum Posts

2016 Eagle Cap 960 Slide-In Camper

I was actually looking at replacing this unit (fridge). I installed the ARP + Fan Control. The ARP was a great tool to help diagnose this problem and to show the efficiency of the modification. I think if it wasn't for the ARP monitoring the boiler this could have turned into a bad situation.

RV.net 29903792

Senior Member of RV.net comments function of Fridge Protection Device (ARP). Chris Bryant makes comment in this post about “Cheep Refrigerator Insurance” for your fridge. Note, I like this post because a skeptic pipes in, and is put down by an industrial boiler operator :)

RV.net 27404835

Senior member posted test results from the data collection version of the ARP Control - Very good photos and informative discussion afterward.

RV.net 27423911

Senior member posts his decision to purchase ARP Control rather than going to the expense of installation of a residential fridge.

RV.net 27507023

Customer comments on ARP install by Leon at National Refrigeration.

RV.net 27681662

Discussion on Norcold recall, customer states that he is happy with ARP after a non-informed comment.

RV.net 27683067


when I was talking to Mac the fire guy about extinguishers, he said he had one of the APRrv controls installed on his refrigerator. From what I had previously read and hearing this from Mac, convinced me this was the way to go.


RV.net 27839949

RVforum.net Forum Posts

RV Forum staff member introduces the ARP control for an end user field test program. RV Roamer sets up group to field test and report back on any issues. To our pleasure, no issues have been reported at the time of this writing.

RVforum.net 66199.0

RV Forum staff member installation of Amish cooling unit seen our website.

RVforum.net 640783

Post to inform folks of the January 2014 Indio, CA FMCA rally showing of the ARP. In addition announce that a limited time discount to RVforum members is active.

RVforum.net 644208

Post on Quartzsite, AZ RVforum.net seminar in which we demonstrated our controller.

RVforum.net 648747

RV Roamer shares his thoughts after seeing a demonstration of the ARP control on a Dometic cooling unit which was tilted off level so that the ARP turned off the refrigerator, and then restarted it when safe conditions existed.

RVforum.net 69539.0

This post lists a Norcold fire and a retired electrical engineer with very impressive airspace credentials comments - This testimonial had great value to us as a result.

RVforum.net 624277

Monaco owner testimonial letter to ARPrvSafe@gmail sharing his discovery that the wind is causing his boiler to overheat on his Norcold 1200. The ARP is protecting his unit by automatically shutting down and then restating his fridge.

RVforum.net 642031

RVforum member shares his thoughts after the Quartzsite ARP seminar to buy and install. This is the 2nd helicopter pilot that decides to install an instrument “no one should fly without”.

RVforum.net 646705

RVforum staff member has his coach towed due to a failure. Guess what, the ARP Control most likely prevented his fridge from failing because the coach was off level for hours while being worked on and towed.

RVforum.net 678233

ARP buyer asks about which control to order (inside v.s. outside RV) and make comments about control installation:

RVforum.net 707020

ARP Control saves the day again, cooling unit failure and analysis based on ARP Control input:

RVforum.net 756850

IRV2.com Forum Posts

This write-up has great photos of our Dometic DM2652 demonstration cooling unit. Please note that this particular cooling unit has been tilted hundreds of times off-level, and it is running like the day we bought it!

IRV2.com 186090

Senior member of IRV2 that has already converted to residential fridge recognizes the value of the ARP control.

IRV2.com 1998885

Monaco owner notices that ARP solves issues with fridge cooling unit overheating in high wind conditions.

IRV2.com 2173351

Winnebago Owners Club member post his installation of ARP Control and comments on ARP diagnostic capability.

IRV2.com 289290

FMCA Forum

Post by ShelbyTom about ARP Control "best level of safety".

FMCA 67550

Post by gbrink about Indio, CA FMCA rally and ARP Control function.

FMCA 6873