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This page provides links to RV refrigerator articles and RV technical articles from many sources including the Escapees and FMCA.

Will My RV Refrigerator Catch Fire, And Can I Prevent It? -- DoitYourselfRV.com/

Click here to see this article by PaulUnmack. Read about how the Dometic and Norcold recalls cannot prevent fires.

How To Prevent Your RV Refrigerator From Exploding If You Can’t Level Your RV -- DoitYourselfRV.com/

Click here to see this article by Rene Agredano. If you're not able to level your RV, you may damage your RV refrigerator.
An unlevel RV refrigerator is a fire waiting to happen. The ARPrv can help.

Stop RV refrigerator fires before they start! -- RVtravel.com

Click here to see this article by Russ and Tiña De Maris about stopping refrigerator fires

Do you really need a new refrigerator? -- RVtravel.com

Click here to see article by Russ and Tiña De Maris about replacing their cooling unit


Click here for an article inspired by our YouTube, following link:

Click here for YouTube

RV D@ily Report

Click here for Greg Gerber interview of ARP LLC and Report

Bob Livingston & Bill Gehr: Fridge on the Fritz

Click here - Facts about Cooling Unit Replacment and Fridge Defend

Escapees Articles

Gadget Box Article on ARP Control

RV Refrigerator and Leveling

Your RV Refrigerator

RV Gadget Box Article May 2017 (Fan Controller)


Experience: ARP Controller For RV Absorption Refrigerators


RV Fridge

RV Pro Magazine

Click here for PDF file article: The Inventors.pdf

Click here for on-line article: Best RV Inventions

Click here for Dometic and Norcold safety solutions (page 127): Best RV Safety Solutions


ARP Control Independent Test Report

TrailBlazer Magazine

Ask RV Bill, Tech Questions Answered

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