Norcold ARP Endorsement | Patent Application | Endorses ARP

If a patent application describes the same device then the patent application endorses the product that is patented. The Norcold ARP endorsement page shows Norcold patent application which sells the Fridge Defender by ARP for us.

Apply Hammer to Head On this the page the brown fonts are quotes from Norcold patent application process.

Norcold patent application

This image shows the assignee to patent application 13/279,361. This patent was filed by Norcold for the purpose found in paragraph [0036] as quoted:

"Preventing the boiler from operating at high temperatures can avoid consumption of sodium chromate, which can be used in the coolant mixture to neutralize any corrosive effects of the ammonia solution."

Click here to read entire Norcold patent application: Norcold Patent Application

The above Norcold Statement Says it All!

Norcold Patent Image

The ARP Control preforms a function that Norcold has completely validated by attempting to file a patent on the same control strategy. For any skeptic, the act of Norcold filing a patent application, which has been rejected by the USPTO based on the ARP Control patent should put to rest any uncertainty.

The ARP Control is an essential part of controlling RV refrigerators and Norcold confirms this fact!

Patent Examiner's Comments to Norcold

In order for an idea to qualify for a patent, the idea must be unique or novel. If the idea has already been introduced to the public, the patent office will reject the patent application based on the first to patent the idea. ARP Control was the first to make, build and sell the controller described by Norcold’s patent application. Here is what the patent examiner said in the application rejection in response to Norcold 's attorney stating that the ARP Control does not indicate an out of level condition:

"This is not found persuasive because the ARP Control (US Patent 8,056,360: ) teaches a temperature sensor that is a level sensor as it indirectly senses level by sensing temperatures indicative of level and off-level conditions."

So what does this all tell you? -- Connecting the Dots

1st Dot: If the ARP Control did not preform a necessary function that your fridge needs, why would Norcold have attempted to patent the idea?

2nd Dot: If you go to our webpage How does ARP Protect my Fridge Video you will see that by limiting the boiler temperature in your Norcold or Dometic fridge the ARP Control solves issues that lead to premature failure of your fridge.

3rd Dot: If you follow the link to a Forbes Article that discusses fires associated with RV fridges, an engineer stated that the root cause could be corrosion around welded joints that are under thermal stress. Thus, science and failure analysis prove the need for the ARP Control.

4th Dot: By going to the companion page to this page ARP versus Norcold Recall, Norcold's own words state that their recall cannot protect your fridge because the temperature at which it takes action at is too high.

5th Dot: Note the name of the Norcold patent application is "temperature and level monitoring". It is not necessary to monitor the level of the fridge if one is monitoring the boiler temperature as stated above by the patent examiner.

To connect the dots all in one sentence: Norcold has pointed out that the ARP Control will save you money and increase safety by indirectly endorsing the ARP Control. Norcold’s patent application points out the need to have a thermal control like the ARP to protect the fridge from premature failure.