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RV Fire

The Fridge Defend by ARP is RV fire safety. The RV refrigerator is the number 2 cause of RV fires says Mac the Fire Guy.

It is clear with an understanding of how the RV fridge works , and how the RV Fridge boilers can fail leading to rupture, it is clear that both Dometic and Norcold agree that by preventing the cooling unit boiler from overheating RV fire safety is greatly increased.

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Investigating Absorption Fridge Fires

This figure shows the damage caused by a fire from an RV refrigerator. What is seen in this picture is the fire destruction around the cooling unit of an RV refrigerator. Heat drives the RV refrigerator cycle, and the RV refrigerator cycle runs at a constant temperature as long as everything is working correct.

When things go wrong in the RV refrigerator cycle, the heat that ordinarily drives the RV fridge cooling unit becomes destructive. If the heat is not controlled, a fire may occur. The Fridge Defend by ARP is specifically designed to prevent detrimental overheating of the boiler which has lead to class action law suits .

There are many sources for fires in RVs, therefore no single device can claim that it can wholly prevent fires in RVs. What the Fridge Defend can do, if properly installed and maintained, is help prevent fires caused by overheating of the RV refrigerator boiler. There are both Dometic & Norcold recalls that attempt to deal with overheating and fires that start in the cooling unit boiler assembly.

RV Fridge Fire

If one Google's either "RV Fires" or "RV refrigerator recall"' you'll find plenty of examples of potentially life threatening RV fires, which is why both top RV refrigeration manufactures issued recalls for millions of units.

For the most part, the manufacture fix has been a shield to direct flames away from the RV and a thermal-fuse on the boiler casing that appears to only react if the boiler has already overheated to the point of destroying the refrigerator. One manufacture issued a recall that will not respond until damage to the cooling unit is irreversible (See What Norcold Says ). This particular recall clearly does nothing to prevent or to protect the boiler assembly of your cooling unit.

The second photo was sent to ARPrv to show what can happen to your RV as the result of a fridge fire. The folks that sent us this photo wanted others to see the damage that they sustained. When they found out about our product, they were surprised that a method of controlling the cooling unit boiler temperature had not been used before now. Thankfully, no one was hurt in this fire, no pets had been left alone in the coach. But, no insurance payment can replace the cherished memories and possessions lost in this fire.

ARP Recommends Fridge Fire Extinguisher
RV Fire Extinguisher

The inventor of the ARP Control practiced fire suppression engineering. This means studying and designing under NFPA rules and regulations. This also means that he worked for folks like Mac the Fire Guy. We at ARP engineered fire suppression so that fire fighters can fight their way into and then back out of a building that is on fire.

An automatic fire extinguisher is a must have item in your RV. This is because fires can and will occur, they cannot be stopped all together, prevention does not mean elimination. Please, for your safety and the safety of your pet, purchase and know how to use fire extinguishers. Have a smoke detector to alert you and a fire extinguisher to fight your way to safety if, heaven forbid you need too!