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RV refrigerators that are installed in the slide-out have a high failure rate, the Fridge Defend solves these problems and increases efficiency in hot weather.

Mandalay Norcold 1200

This photo is of a coach with a Norcold 1200 in a slide-out. Note that the two vents are on the side of the coach, a cross sectional view of this application can be found on the RV Fridge Fan page.

Please note that the upper vent to the fridge is just below the awning. The side-vent is bad for ventilation alone, but the awning aggravates the ventilation issues.

Norcold 1200 Condinser

Optional Condenser Mount Fan Sensor

We now only recommend mounting the fan sensor on the absorber coils.

This next image shows the Fridge Defend + Fan Control sensor mounted on the Norcold 1200 condenser outlet for the above coach. Please note, we now recommend mounting the sensor down on the absorber coil because it is just as affective and easier to get to. This is an excellent location to control the fans from because the condenser should not get over 130°F, but the condenser is hard to get to, thus the fans sensor can be mounted on the absorber coils with ease. If 130°F is exceeded the fridge louses its efficiency and will run hot in warm weather. Please note that we put our precision sensor directly on the tube, where as the factory fan sensor is on a fin which does not measure the process temperature. Also, the Fridge Defend fan sensor is a +/-2° accuracy sensor, whereas, the Dometic or Norcold sensor can louse accuracy (or drift) so that it is +/-20°F of error over time.

You may ask yourself why should I put on another fan sensor when the factory may have already installed one? The answer is twofold:

1) The factory sensor can drift so that the fans either do not run at all (fridge is inefficient), or the fans always run even when not needed thereby wasting energy (drain your battery's).

2) The Fridge Defend by ARP allows you to install blower fans that move much more air efficiently, even in light winds! Whereas the factory fans do not bring in cool air and pump out the hot air effectively.

RV Side Vent Fan

Installation of Upper Blower Fan

This next image shows the mounting of the Fridge Defend Fan Control blower type fan in the upper vent. Please note that the fan is attached to the vent with nylon wire ties so that it is easy to remove the fan. In addition no holes need to be drilled. The fan is mounted so that the intake pulls the hot air off the top of the fridge compartment and exhausts it outside the coach.

Because the blower moves 25 cubic feet of air per minute, all of the air within the cooling unit compartment is refreshed approximately every minute.