RV Safety

The RV Safety page is courtesy of the Escapees RV Club and the Fridge Defend by ARP. We want our fellow RV'ers to be safe and have an experience that is problem free.

Puerticitos Baja, Norte

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This photo says it all, we have been on the road camping with the family for 60 years. Camping should be an event that occurs with friends and family where everyone has a safe and enjoyable time. Some safety issues just cannot be ignored, we hope to address safety issues with a series of educational web pages. We promote safety at every opportunity, if you have tips and suggestions please use the Contact Us form and share with us. Your help can be shared with others so that all RV'ers can have the maximum joy!

RV Fire 2020 Quartzsite AZ

Why is Safety So Important to Us?

This next photo tells a happy story, that could have been very sad! During our annual work in Quartzsite, AZ we saw smoke coming up next to the highway. We pulled over to investigate, the result is seen in this photo. I listened as the owner of the RV told the fire chief that his dog jumped in bed with him and licked his face. He awoke to find the RV starting to burn. The owner keep repeating "I cannot believe how fast the fire spread!". I think his dog should get a steak for dinner for saving his life.