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This page will help with ARP Control general installation procedures by showing how to wire the ARP. In addition, a Norcold and Dometic boiler are shown for the ARP safety sensor install.

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Why Install the ARP Control?

Previous to the introduction of the patented ARP Control, RV refrigerators had no monitoring of the cooling unit boiler temperature. Why monitor the boiler temperature? There are two reasons as follows:

SAFETY: All boilers, be it on a steam engine, a household heater, or your Dometic or Norcold fridge run at a constant temperature when everything is operating normally. When the "normal" boiler temperature rises, unsafe conditions arise due to excess thermal stress on the system. Most everyone has heard of a boiler explosion.

RELIABILITY: As described above, keeping the cooling unit boiler at safe levels also solves the main cause of Dometic and Norcold failure. Excess heat from the cooling unit boiler is the primary cause of failure for all RV refrigerators. Why go there? The small cost of the ARP Control could result in your fridge lasting the life of your RV.

When the ARP Control is installed correctly, it adds a level of safety to your fridge that was not available until the patenting and introduction of the ARP Control. It is important to leave the manufacture recall/safety devices in place. Most of these recall devices have been mandated by federal campaigns.

ARP Control Wiring

Norcold Wiring Diagram

This diagram is a general installation guide for the ARP Control. The v2.0 does not have a fan control; this would be the only difference in the wiring between the v2.0 and v2.1 controls.

The RV supplies power to the ARP, and in turn the ARP supplies power to the RV fridge controller.

For the ARP without the fan control, just install the ARP temperature sensor in the cooling unit boiler housing on the boiler tube.

For the ARP with the fan control, in addition to the above steps, install the ARP fan temperature sensor on the cooling unit absorber coil and wire the blower fan to the ARP fan control.

Boiler Sensor Installation Procedures

Boiler RTD Insulation Norcold Boiler without Housing

Based on the operating principles, the temperature probe must be installed directly on the boiler tube.
The first photo (left) shows what the boiler looks like without the boiler housing on a Dometic DM2652. The ARP temperature sensor may be installed through the heater access door on most refrigerators. Please use the above menu for your make of fridge, be it a Dometic or Norcold, then use the next set of menus to go directly to your model of fridge.
Even if your make and model are not shown, these pages are vary helpful because all RV refrigerators are made in a similar fashion.

The next photo (right) is of Norcold 1200 boiler tubes which have been cut out of the cooling unit. Please note the following:

The ARP temperature sensor is clipped onto the boiler tube. The boiler tube is easy to identify because the electric heating elements are attached directly to the boiler tube.

Also note the Norcold 800°F sensor. More on this subject at this link: Norcold Very High Temperature Monitor

Any insulation, sheet metal or factory recall device MUST BE REINSTALLED.


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