Original Video Teaching How Fridge Defend Protects RV Fridge -- ARPC LLC Recall Policies

This is the original video teaching why the Fridge Defend by ARP is necessary on Dometic and Norcold RV refrigerators. See our recall policies near bottom of page.

For a newer video teaching about the RV fridge boiler, please click here.

This video discusses the science behind the Fridge Defend. The Fridge Defend by ARP helps save both Dometic & Norcold RV referigerators. Because the Fridge Defend operates on a very simple principle of nature, it is dependable. Most everyone learns in school about the temperature that water boils at, this exact same principle of nature governs the operation of your Dometic or Norcold fridge.

RV Tow Off-Level

RV Fridge Protection is a Must

This photo tells part of the story, we live in a world where things are not always level. Furthermore, we cannot predict when our rig is going to be off-level!

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This photo was sent to me by the folks that installed the Amish cooling unit found at the following link: Amish Cooling Unit Install

A failure lead to a tow job, and guess what, they did not turn off their fridge in the heat of the moment! They reported back to me that the Fridge Defend has protected there investment by providing RV fridge level protection. This same event could have resulted in an RV fridge fire due to excessive boiler temperatures.

For further testimonial about why the Fridge Defend by ARPrv is necessary for off-level failure prevention, please click on following link: Do It Yourself RV

RV Fridge Protection is a Must

RV Fridge Fire

It is possible that this fire may have been prevented?

Your fridge comes from the manufacture with little or no protection for excessive boiler temperature which damages your fridge. This damage leads to premature fridge failure and the possibility of a cooling unit rupture as seen in this photo.

RV Insurance -- Why ARP Necessary?

While at my booth at an FMCA rally, two gentlemen were discussing whether or not to purchase an ARP Control. One said “I do not know, seems my fridge works find now”. The other looked at his friend and said “The ARP is a no-brainer! Our insurance deductible is more than the cost of the control not to mention a fridge failure is a huge hassle!”

Our Policy at ARP

We at ARPC LLC are doing what we can to help keep your RV safe. It is well known that the NHTSA and RV refrigeration manufactures have studied refrigeration failure modes. We at ARP believe that by limiting the boiler temperature of your fridge, safety is enhanced. NHTSA and the fridge manufactures have analyzed the root causes of the cooling unit failures that result in fire, therefore we at ARPC LLC will never recommend removal of any manufacture safety devices and removal of these devices is wholly between the RV owner and the NHTSA, the fridge manufacture, and the RV owner's insurance company. ARPC LLC cannot and will not assume liability for factors beyond our control such as and not limited to improper manufacture, operation and installation of fridge and/or the controls.

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