Fridge Defend by ARP Protecting Norcold n611 RV Fridge Video

This video answers the question about Fridge Defend by ARP and how it improves RV safety for possible Dometic or Norcold hazards.

This Video shows why Fridge Defend by ARP is RV Fire Safety

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Please click here to video of why the boiler overheating will destroy your Dometic or Norcold.

RV Refrigerator Control

These types of refrigerators are very well built and designed to last the life of your RV as long as the cooling unit boiler does not overheat. Our patented Fridge Defend will keep your system working safely and efficiently for years.

However, and there is always one of those statements, the operator must still perform basic maintenance on their fridge and the Fridge Defend. The propane filter should be cleaned periodically, the burner assembly must be cleaned and tested for cracks, the chimney flue should be cleaned, excessive dust should be blown away from your control unit, all manufacturers updates and recalls must be performed and installed, the inside door seals must be intact, etc. etc. Most importantly, your Fridge Defend Control needs to be turned on and setup correctly for the protection that it provides.

Once you understand how these refrigerators work, and what is missing from their design, it is easy to understand what our ARP (Absorption Refrigerator Controller - Fridge Defender) does. Quite simply, this patented device keeps your refrigerator from building up too much heat within the cooling unit boiler, the heart of the fridge.

No more worrying about driving or parking your RV on a tilt while your refrigerator is on and trying to function. With the Fridge Defend, when liquids get trapped in the plumbing of the cooling unit, and restrict the flow of all the liquid returning to the boiler, the Fridge Defend will turn off the fridge and wait until it is safe to restart. The manufacturers' controllers aren't capable of monitoring the boiler temperatures accurately, nor knowing if all the liquid is available to be boiled.