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Our ARPrv manuals page gives install Norcold and documentation Dometic for the ARP Control and this documentation includes fridge technical info.

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ARPrv Manuals Version Identification and Downloads

This page is not for the current control sold by ARP. If you have one of our older controls we will upgrade it to one of our fan controls for a fee.

The ARPrv Manuals must be downloaded for the proper control due to changes in operation. Following is a summery by date and physical differences.

RV Disco Fridge by ARP

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Version 2.x Manuals Download

v2.0 & v2.1 ARPrv Control: If you bought your control after October 2014 & before July of 2018 you will have a v2.x control. The v2.x series of controls eliminated the external mechanical relay, thus each respective control can be identified by the wiring combined along with the serial number. The v2.0 is a non-fan controller and has the following wires: Red, Green, Yellow, and green/white twisted pair for boiler sensor. The v2.1 is a fan controller which has the same wires as the v2.0 with the addition of wires: Blue and black/white fan sensor.

General Install Guide v2.x

ARP User Guide v2.x

Troubleshooting Guide v2.x

Version 1.1 Manuals Download

v1.1 ARPrv Control: If you bought your control after May 20 2014 & before October 2014, you will have a v1.1 control. The v1.1 control has a red/white twisted pair for the power supply, one black wire (as opposed to black/white twisted pair v1.0 control) to activate an external automotive type relay, and green/white twisted pair for the temperature sensor wires. Please download the following documentation if your control exactly matches this criteria:

User Guide - ARP Control v1.1

General Install Guide - ARP Control v1.1

Troubleshooting Guide v1.4 - ARP Control v1.1

Version 1.0 Manuals Download

v1.0 ARPrv Control:If you bought your control between October of 2013 and May, 20 2014 you have a v1.0 control. The v1.0 control has the same wiring as stated above for the v1.1 with the exception of the black wire for relay activation that is pared with a white which is a second ground. Please download the following documentation:

User Manual - ARP Control v1.0

Install Guide - ARP Control v1.0

Troubleshooting Guide - ARP Control v1.0

Graphical Setup Mode Guide - ARP Control v1.0

Mission Statement

Thank you for choosing the ARP Control for your RV Refrigerator protection. We were a young company when the above controls were sold, and we have a long way to go regarding some aspects of our operation. Our focus has been to engineer the best and most functional product and to have the best and most efficient manufacturing. Marketing and documentation has suffered as a result, but we want you know that we are a customer service based business. Yes, we are saying customer service and we mean it, these are not empty words to impress you.

We Want to Supply the Best Documentation

It is the goal of ARPrv to provide the best documentation available. No document can speak to every reader. But, we at ARPrv Control want to know your thoughts regarding our documentation. If we can improve it, and you have a suggestion, please give us details that can help other folks that use this documentation effectively. Please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page to make any suggestions you feel would improve your experience.

Comments on ARPrv Data Interface Controller

On the subject of troubleshooting, the ARPrv Data Interface Controller is the final word in RV refrigerator diagnostics and troubleshooting information. The software and documentation for this control is only down-loadable after the purchase of this particular control. It is our intention to make this control available to RV repair facilities so that the user can take their RV to an authorized ARPrv facility, and their technicians can either use your existing control to solve problems, or if it is necessary, use an ARPrv Data Interface Control to perform advanced diagnostics that the common user may not want to perform.