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Want to help your RV fridge become more efficient? Have frost build up, frozen food on the bottom and your milk spoils on the top of fridge? Get the Fridge Defend internal circulation fan, it is engineered, it is a smart blower that only runs when needed.

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RV Fridge Internal Curculation Fan Half Fridted, other Half Not

Dometic or Norcold Internal Circulation Fan -- Its All About Efficiency!

You may ask why would I want to use fans inside my fridge? The answer is simple, when your fridge is producing refrigerant, circulation of the air inside the fridge has the following benefits:

  • Because hot air rises and cold air sinks (convection), fans that suck in the hot air from the top of the fridge and blow it onto the cooling fins makes the fridge more efficient.

  • The cooling fins can cause the moisture in your fridge to freeze which results in frost build up. Fans prevent frost build up by warming the fins with the air from the top of the fridge, in addition the moving air helps prevent the moisture from collecting on the fins. Frost results in a loss of efficiency of your fridge.

  • Some of the internal fridge fans on the market run full-time, this is bad! The fridge fans should only run when the Dometic or Norcold cooling unit is producing refrigerate. If fans are running when the cooling unit is off, the fan causes the fridge to lose its cool faster resulting in unnecessary cycling of the cooling unit. This stresses the cooling unit and wastes energy. The Fridge Defend Fan Controller prevents the waist of energy making you a happy camper.

  • Gale force winds are not required inside the fridge! Most of the fans on the market now are just computer fans. These fans work great for cooling a computer, but are not what you want inside your fridge. The Defend Fans are efficient because they move just the right amount of air, thereby improving the efficiency of the fridge.

  • Please note, we use a blower for a number of reasons, blowers are more efficient than fans, The Fridge Defend blower fans only draw 0.04 amps per blower. The blower changes the flow direction, thus the blower takes up way less room in the fridge! This means conservation of space which is efficiency!

  • We could go on, but why? Our blowers have ball bearings and are self protected with lock-rotor and auto restart function. There I go again! Telling you about what a high quality product we engineer!

RV Fridge Defroster RV Fridge Defroster

How To Mount Blower

There are two steps to mount the Fridge Defend internal blower fan:

  1. The blower is attached to the top of the fridge with Velcro. Please note that the blower is near the side-wall of the fridge and mounted near the center of the fridge front to rear. That is, between the door and the cooling fins. This causes the blower to pull-up the warm air near the wall of the fridge and in the middle of the fridge. The exhaust of the blower points toward the center of the fridge cooling fins.

  2. Wire the blower by grounding it to the fridge internal light. Do not ground the blower to the cooling fins, this will result in corrosion of the cooling unit and premature failure. The power wire is run out the back of the fridge through the drip tube and attached to the Fridge Defend Fan Controller blue wire.
  • We used paper clips to attach the wires to the cooling fins.
  • Be creative, this install works best for our 6 cubic foot Dometic RM3663, larger refrigerators may need a fan at the bottom of the fridge.
  • Experimentation with the angle of the fans may be best, this is why using Velcro initially will give you the ability to change the angle of the fan once installed.
Fridge Circulation Fan

Blow Pattern & Size

This photo show two things, first the size of the fan and second the blow pattern. The Fridge Defend external ventilator fans are 4.7x4.7 inch, our internal defrost and circulation fans are only 2.3x2.3 inch in size. Thus, the fridge internal fans are only using a small amount of room on the ceiling of the fridge which is not normally used.

Please note that we mounted the right blower in the photo above at approximately a 45 degree angle so that the air blows to the middle of the cooling fins where blow pattern #1 is in this photo (blue arrow). For the right blower, blow patterned 2 (purple arrow) blows directly on the right end of the cooling fins parallel to the right wall of the fridge. See the first photo on the page, note that the photo is distorted by the camera angle.

The left hand blower should be mounted so it blows parallel to the left fridge wall, this makes it so the entire set of cooling fins is being blown on with the warm air at the top of the fridge.