Does your RV Fridge get Tossed Around? See Disco Fridge Video

This video is a demonstration of how an RV fridge stops cooling when the boiler overheats climbing a hill.

Why do I need the Fridge Defend by ARP?

Can your fridge stay alive without the only disco approved defender?

This video shows a Dometic DM2652 RV fridge being tilted at what is thought to be a safe angle of 3 degrees off-level. This fridge quits producing refrigerant at this angle; this is why the frost melts. Also, when the fridge quits producing refrigerant the boiler overheats which destroys the fridge.

Tilt RV Fridge

A Picture Tells 1000 Words

The photo to the left shows the Dometic DM2652 cooling unit operating so that it will frost up the cooling unit (see below photo). The frost shows when the fridge is refrigerating, and when the frost melts, the fridge is no longer refrigerating.

The yellow arrow in this photo shows the direction which the fridge is tilted off-level. Note that in the video the fridge is tilted at about 3 degrees off level, and the frost melts, and then the boiler overheats.

Tilt RV Fridge

How Long Does It Take To Damage the Fridge?

Then the next photo draws a yellow oval around the frost accumulation. You can watch the clock at the bottom of the screen to see the time it takes from the fridge being tilted at 3 degrees off-level to the time the frost melts, and then the boiler is overheating. When the boiler overheats the Fridge Defend by ARP shuts down the fridge.

You may be like I was before I burned up my first fridge? I stated that I always parked my camper level. But, in the end it only took one time parking off-level to fry a perfectly good refrigerator.