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Please use this page for any shipping, insurance claims, or ARP Shipping Policies.

What is within ARPC LLC Control?

We at ARPC LLC work hard to get your product to you as fast as possible. We use USPS priority mail flat rate packaging which meets postal codes for any weight according to the USPS. Once we give the package to the USPS, we no longer have control over the package.

As a result, the customer ordering our product has responsibilities which include, but are not limited to:

1) Providing us with the proper mailing address when filling out the PayPal purchase information. We will ship to the address given to us via the ordering information, we cannot make changes to the shipping information once the order is made. Please use our Contact Us Form immediately if any changes need to be made.

2) The person making the order needs to track the package and be available for pickup of the package. Due to a recent trend in postal theft, once the USPS delivery agent scans and delivers the package, the person ordering the product is responsible for the package.

3) If the package was damaged during freight, the USPS agent that delivered the package will identify and report any damage. If upon receipt of the package, the package appears to be damaged, the recipient of the package must not open the package and take the package to a postal inspector so that a claim investigation may begin. ARPC LLC cannot initiate the USPS claim process because the local postal agent responsible for delivery of the package must report on the condition of the package upon delivery.

USPS Claims Procedure and Forms

1) The tracking number sent to your email address when ARPC LLC made the shipping label will give you some of the information you need to get started with a USPS claim.

Click Here for Claims for Loss or Damage & USPS Policies and Procedures

Please read the above USPS pages carefully, ARPC LLC cannot offer advice on USPS Policies and Procedures.

2) You will need the receipt you got from PayPal upon purchase, please use the Contact Us Form and we we will send you a copy of the shipping receipt and/or any additional insurance purchased and signature confirmation if your records are lost. We will only send records to the email address used at the time of purchase.

3) If upon reading the white paper (packing list) that came with the ARP Control, you feel that there is damage or missing parts, ARPC LLC must be contacted within 2 weeks of receipt of package. There are small parts (in bags) in the package, open the package on a clean table so that any parts that come out of the package can easily be seen. We are here to help, we are more than pleased to assist with claims for damage or missing parts. Again, use the Contact Us Form on this website if any issues arise.

4) Click Here for Find Missing Mail, Loss or Damage USPS Policies and Procedures

5) The USPS requires the package and the entire contents to be taken to the Post Office for inspection before any claim for damage can be submitted. In addition, to repeat, neither the USPS nor ARPC LLC can be responsible for the package once the package is delivered. One must use the Signature Confirmation option on the purchase page if one does not want the package left on a door step or in a mail box.