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Your RV Refrigerator boiler operates at about 350 degrees all the time, but even a brief time off-level, like driving up a hill , can send that temperature sky-rocketing. Events like this produced a lot of thermal stress in the fridge boiler, stress that causes the metal to fatigue and the anti-corrosion chemicals in the coolant to deteriorate leading to fridge failure and perhaps even causing an RV fire. This is the reason for Dometic and Norcold recalls leading to class action suits. The ARP Control can monitor the boiler temperature and automatically shut down the boiler if temperatures begin to climb out of normal range. Best of all, ARP continues to monitor and re-starts the fridge once it cools down again, so that your food doesn't spoil. And all without any effort by you!

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RV Fridge Fire


We have all heard about the series of recalls for Dometic and Norcold RV refrigerators. These recalls attempt to address premature refrigerator failure and fire danger. As a frustrated consumer, the inventor of the patented ARPrv Control found what made these once reliable fridges vulnerable to damage, both long term and immediate resulting in catastrophic failure leading to loss of property or worse yet human or pet life. The source of many of these issues is a lack of active temperature management of the cooling unit which allows it to overheat on a regular basis, causing slow but cumulative damage that can result in a dangerous situation which may have otherwise been avoided.

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ARP addresses both these problems with a more sophisticated management technique that controls the cooling unit better, plus it has the major advantage that it will automatically re-start the fridge cooling unit after a high temperature cut-off. This avoids the loss of the food kept in the fridge.

ARP Control Norcold Dometic Fridge


The ARP Control has been designed to be simple on the outside making it easy for Dometic install and Norcold install.

The drawing to the right shows how easy it is to install, just provide power, run one wire to your fridge control, and install the temperature sensor.


The Dometic and Norcold recalls and controls do a great job for what they are designed to do. These factory controls keep the inside of your fridge cold, but do not keep the refrigerator heating system from overheating the cooling unit. Because the ARPrv control is designed by a controls system engineer, the inside of the ARP has a smart control scheme. Smart means that you enjoy your adventure and ARP keeps your fridge running safe. This smart method senses overheating situations and automatically turns off the heaters, then restarts the fridge when it is safe, usually before the inside of your fridge can warm at all.


The answer to the above questions is easy, when industry sees the benefits of the patented product, then attempts to patent it for them self!

Please click here to read patent examiner's comments to Norcold


The ARP Control introduces an improved method for protecting your Norcold or Dometic fridge while maintaining the original warranty ( Further reading see Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act ). The ARP Control pro-actively protects your fridge rather than responding after a failure has occurred such as the present recalls do. This is an improvement upon factory control methods, thus Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act insures that you can improve your safety. ( Also see: Restore Factory Settings )

Average Star Rating: 4.8 Stars of 125 reviews.

ARP Control Improves Safety, Reliability, and Efficiency


★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Winnebago Sightseer 35N - 2006

ARP + Fan Control

Star Rating: Super great service. Paul went out of his way help me while I installed the ARP Basic unit in a friends Class A motor home. I installed an ARP with fan control in my Class A MH. I just love how the Fan Control has improved the cooling in my Norcold.

So what is up with the bar graphs and the testimony from LaPlatrosa?
Out of the total number of customer ratings, these graphs show how many people that bought an ARP Control felt that their family was safer, their fridge was more reliable, and that the ARP + Fan Control made their fridge more efficient. Please note that none of the pets that were left alone in the RV reported , but an independent survey (the dog next door) stated that 100% of pets insist their master is goofy if they do not purchase an ARP Control for safety. LaPlatrosa left this review of the ARP Control on 9/5/2015, we love Happy Campers!

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How ARP Protects Dometic and Norcold

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