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This is an introduction to RV fridge repair for Norcold & Dometic troubleshooting.

Please choose the fridge you want to work on using the Norcold Troubleshooting or the Dometic Troubleshooting menus above. One you are on the troubleshooting pages for the type of fridge you own there will be a series of menus with further troubleshooting information.

Dometic Cooling Unit

This drawing is a classic Dometic cooling unit. Our family used a Dometic fridge for 35 years almost trouble free. All systems require maintenance, and it is only by maintaining your RV that you can enjoy years of pleasure without having to deal with troubles.

The Norcold troubleshooting and Dometic troubleshooting pages in this series will attempt to break down your RV fridge in to its components. Thus, if you are having an issue with the LP gas portion of your fridge, it is our hope that the LP gas portion of these web-page's will help you perform your RV fridge repair.

We invite you to share your RV fridge troubleshooting with us. Please take photos and write a little about your problem and how you fixed it. We want this site to be helpful to all folks that are on the road and need help then and there. Thanks in advance!

Dometic Plugged Condenser
Introduction to RV Fridge Repair -- Looking Around

The photo shown is an example of performing annual maintenance by just looking around. This photo is of a plugged Dometic evaporator. The evaporator collected lent or insulation over the years in its fins. Just by shining a flashlight up the refrigeration compartment this issue may have been seen. By pulling the roof vent one could have blown this problem away with compressed air. This fridge most likely failed due to the overheating of the boiler, which the ARP Control would have prevented. Although the ARP Control could have prevented the boiler from overheating, the user would still have had to find the issues that lead to the boiler overheating.

Norcold & Dometic Troubleshooting Basics

Most RV fridge fixes are just basic issues that common sense can solve. In my years of teaching in the automotive industry I found that it is often the case that folks jump to the most complex problems rather than looking into the basics. It is human nature to suspect problems exist in systems that they really do not understand. For example, the photo above, one can assume that the performance of the fridge suffered over the years. Because cooling units and their function can be hard to understand, the owner may have decided to not look around for a problem. But, in this case, being adventurous may have save this camper a lot of money, please; if you are having problems just look around for something that does not look right. Often, this will solve the problem!

Just Look Around -- It Can Save Money!