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This is the landing page for all your Dometic troubleshooting needs. Use the menu above to select the troubleshooting subject of interest, this page teaches about the condensation drip tube or drain hose.

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Dometic Drain

How to Repair Drip Tube or Drain Hose

The first photo shows typical UV damage to a Dometic water drain hose. These hoses will crack or break when touched when UV and heat have destroyed the plastic.

Not to worry! We will show you how to fix Dometic RV fridge drain hoses. This problem needs to be corrected so that water does not drain into your RV, or worse drain onto electrical components which will result in expensive failures.

Water Drain Amish Install

This next photo was taken during the installation of an Amish cooling unit. It is showing how most RV manufactures route the tube that drains the fridge condensation from the cooling fins inside your refrigerated compartment.

A lot of coach manufactures route the water drain out the lower cooling unit vent door.

Remove Dometic Fridge Drain

Remove Dometic Drain Hose

On most Dometic fridges, the water drain hose comes from inside the fridge. There is a collection try below the cooling fins, the collection try drains into a receptacle that may be removed on some refrigerators.

This photo shows a Dometic RV fridge water drain hose where it passes through the refrigerator wall. This part can be removed with screwdrivers or tools to carefully pop it out.

Removed Dometic Fridge Drain

The next photo in this section shows the RV Fridge condensation drain hose receptacle removed. If you can remove this part, a new hose can be attached to the receptacle and then pushed through the hole to be routed to the location where it is to drain on your RV. Often a wire or fish can be used to help route the hose behind the fridge.

Solve RV Water Leak

Finally, we show a Dometic fridge with a vinyl hose replacing the factory drain hose which failed. Please note the ARP Control install on this coach. The owner sent us this photo; we are pleased that owners of RV's enjoy working on their coaches! By replacing the drain hose, electrical problems were solved which were related to water getting on the fridge control board.