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Troubleshoot Dometic RV fridge for no power, no lights, how to test fuse, reset thermal fuse & thermal switch - recall.

HOW TO USE THIS PAGE: This page is divided into two parts:
  • Text and Photos below with instructions for solving your problems.

  • A YouTube video that shows how the Dometic recall works.

Dometic RV Fridge Power Supply

Dometic RV Fridge Power Supply
This first figure shows how most Dometic RV refrigerators are powered.
With the exception of the European style fridge, all Dometic’s have a screw terminal where power from the RV battery is supplied to the fridge.

1) The power comes from the +12 volt terminal of the RV battery, through a fuse provided by the RV manufacture. The color of the wire is determined by the RV manufacture.

2) The ground for the fridge comes from the RV battery into this terminal. The ground exits out the back of the screw terminal and is generally fastened to the chassis via a screw identified as 'ground' in this figure.

3) The +12VDC exits out the back side of this terminal and goes to the refrigerator thermal switch if your fridge so equipped.

4) The +12VDC exits returns from the thermal switch and thermal fuse if so equipped to the fridge controller.

NOTE: It is on the 12VDC line at location #1, or anywhere on the +12VDC line that the Fridge Defend is wired into the fridge to control excess heat that results in fridge failure and fires. The dometic thermal devices cannot and will not protect the fridge from failures and fires. Click here for more on Dometic recall and subsequent thermal switch and fuse.

Dominic Thermal Thermo Fuse
This image is of the Dometic 'thermal switch' on the boiler housing and the 'thermal fuse' that is mounted just behind the burner assembly. In this image the thermal fuse has been removed for better viewing.

4) This is the same +12VDC from the thermal fuse seen in the above image.

5) The power comes from the back side of the screw terminal to the boiler housing thermal switch. Click here to see the temperature at which this thermal switch trips upon boiler overheating.

6) The thermal switch has a reset button in the center. If power is not getting to the fridge controller, start by pushing the reset switch. If the reset switch keeps tripping, the switch is warn out, these switches have a high failure rate and rarly trip due to high temperatures.

7) The power runs from the thermal switch to the thermal fuse.

8) Under the black cover (see next photo) is the thermal fuse. When this fuse fails, it opens. Voltage will come from the thermal switch, but the +12VDC will not reach the Dometic controller due to the fuse failing open. Click here for the part number for the Dometic thermal switch.
Dometic Thermal Thermofuse Fuse

This photo shows the thermal fuse without the black cover as seen in the above image. Click here to download datasheet for this part.

This concludes the instruction on how and where the power comes from for your Dometic RV fridge.

Get the Fridge Defend if you want Protection