Norcold Popping Burner

Is your Norcold making noise from the burner, popping and unstable flame flame?

Norcold Noisy Burner

This image shows a Norcold 2118 RV fridge burner, the unit is almost new. The burner sounded like a jet and had popping that was cause by the flame going out and it would back fire into the burner assembly.

The issue was that there is too much burner air which results in a lean burner condition. The flame would extinguish, and then pop. The solution is to put a hose clamp (red arrow) around the burner assembly just above the burner air inlets (green arrow). Very slowly slide the hose clamp so that it blocks the burner air inlets (yellow arrow). The burner popping will go away and the burner will stop sounding like a jet engine. Once this occurs, slide the hose clamp back to allow more air in to the burner until the pop comes back. Take note to these two positions, clamp the hose clamp between these two positions so that the burner flame is stable.

CAUTION: Although this is an easy fix, it should be preformed by a qualified individual that can adjust the burner in a safe manner. The end user takes full responsibility for this fix, this information is to help other's and requires discretion.

Click here to check the system pressure before applying this fix.

Click here to check the Norcold filter before applying this fix.