Norcold Gas Valve | Gas Valve Filter | Fridge Propane Pressure Test

Ever ask - how do I test and fix Norcold fridge when not cooling on propane? The fridge propane filter is in the Norcold gas valve. Or, How do I test the refrigerator gas valve?

You found the right page to fix the Norcold gas valve & filter 😁

We included this video on the page to show how to test the gas valve filter. If you do not have a manometer to test the pressure, see below for the gas valve filter cleaning procedures.

The next image shows a typical Norcold gas valve with all the components identified. Please note that there is a knob or lever (purple arrow) that will turn off the gas. This is handy for the igniter test.
Norcold Gas Valve

The gas valve is turned on by the solenoid, there are two electrical terminals with wires that go to the main controller.


When the fridge is set to the gas mode, typically 12VDC is sent to the solenoid, the valve will click and the gas will issue from the burner jet.

The following values are typical Norcold values for the solenoid valve, click here and use your model number for specifications:

• Activation Voltage: 12VDC & 0.146A

• Resistance between Terminals: 77Ω to 85Ω

Norcold Gas Valve Filter

This image shows the foam filter (white arrow) being removed from the gas valve with a toothpick (blue arrow). In order to access the filter, the gas line fitting (red arrow) needs to be removed.

There are two ways to test the filter, one is to just remove it and put it into 90% isopropyl alcohol for cleaning. The other is to use the pressure test port (orange arrow) identified in the above image. To connect the manometer please see the above YouTub video. If one desires, one can even make your own manometer pressure tester.

Any time the propane piping or system is opened, perform a bubble test to confirm that there are no leaks, or do the NFPA 1192 Standard on Recreational Vehicles 2021, section Pressure Drop Test.