Norcold Will Not Get Cold | Norcold Gas Valve | N1200 Gas Valve | Repair

This page teaches why Norcold will not get cold on gas and why Norcold gas valves have filters, n1200 gas valve repair.

RV Fridge Pressure and Filter Video

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RV Fridge LP Gas Filter

LP Gas Filter

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The first photo shows a typical RV refrigerator LP gas valve. The yellow arrow points to the flare fitting on the gas line. Please do not us compression fittings on the LP gas lines! In order to get to the filter on your fridge, you start by removing the LP gas line.

The red arrow points to an adapter fitting, this gas filter repair is on a Norcold N1200 valve. The filter is in the area of the blue arrow behind the adapter.

RV Fridge LP Gas Filter

This next photo shows the testing of the LP gas pressure so that one can determine if the LP gas filter is plugged or not? The yellow arrow points to the pressure test port with a fitting and pressure gage attached. The blue arrow shows the LP gas on/off valve; please turn off all LP gas when performing repairs. The red arrow points to the general location of the gas filter in this valve.

LP Gas Pressure Regulator

If the above test at the gas valve test port results in less than 11 inches of water column while the fridge is running in the LP gas mode, test the pressure on the RV gas line. Each RV manufacture has a different method for measuring the system gas pressure, please consult your RV user manual for details, or consult an RV repair facility for more information.

The photo to the right shows a manometer connected to the regulator of an RV. The green arrows show how to read 11 inches of water column on the gage. The red arrow points to the adjustment port found on most RV LP gas regulators. The orange arrow show the on/off and tank switching valve.

If the gas pressure reading at the gas valve is low, and the reading on your LP gas lines is normal, the LP gas filter is most likely restricted.

Troubleshoot n3150

LP Gas Filter Cleaning

If your fridge is not preforming properly on LP Gas, but works fine on shore power, the issue may be a plugged filter in the refrigerators solenoid operated valve (SOV). The photo to the left shows the spud (fuel line fitting) removed from the SOV. Inside the SOV is a foam filter.

To remove the LP gas line, turn off the LP at the tank. Light a burner on the stove to burn off the propane pressure in the system. Remove the gas line carefully.

Remove LP Gas Filter n3150

A toothpick can be used with caution to remove the filter from the SOV valve.

Once the filter has been removed from the SOV, put the filter in a container with 91% isopropyl alcohol to clean. Use a clean paper towel to squeeze the isopropyl alcohol out of the filter, repeat if necessary to clean. Reinstall the filter and check your LP pressure.